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We're number 1

October 28, 2021

By Mike Weland

Daily COVID-19 cases confirmed in Boundary County
It follows that in places where, by too many, science is ignored, statistics prove how fallacious the logic of that mindset. While COVID 19 numbers are improving in much of the state, they aren't in fiercely independent and liberty-loving North Idaho, particularly in Boundary County, where 36 new cases were confirmed October 21, the worst day yet, and where 35-percent of those being tested are confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus, the highest positivity rate of any county in Idaho.

Overall, Idaho's positivity rate is 12-percent. Simply wearing a mask has been proven to significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19, but to many, that's an infringement on their rights, their liberty. If mandated, it's seen as tyranny, even though it's most effective if the majority put them on.

Which seems silly, when you think that we are mandated by myriad everyday rules, laws and regulations designed to enhance the health and safety of our communities. We stop at stop signs with relatively little complaint, though they slow us from reaching our objectives. Relatively few balk at getting their children immunized for diptheria, tetanus, measles, mumps and more before sending them off to school.

Perhaps liberties are only violated if in response to a rare global emergency.

In the Panhandle Health District, 243 new cases as of 5 p.m. Wednesday brings the cases total since the onset of the Pandemic in March, 2020, to 39,055. Of those, 594 have died of COVID-19. As of 5 p.m. Thursday, there were 150 COVID patients admitted to hospitals in the five northern counties.

A safe and effective vaccine has been available for those over 12 years of age for a few months, and over 60-percent of Idahoans over the age of 12 have received one dose of the two-dose series, over 84-percent for those over age 65. Nearly 55-percent of Idahoans have had both doses, 79.3-percent for those over age 65-percent, those most vulnerable to the viral strain.

In Boundary County, the vaccination rate for those over age 12 is 39.25 percent, with 4,048 county residents vaccinated out of an eligible population (over age 12) of 10,313. That's the lowest percentage for counties in the Panhandle, fourth lowest of counties in the state, where only four counties; Idaho, 33-percent, Boise, 34-percent, Payette, 37-percent, and Boundary fall below the 40-percent mark.

Overall, 1,508 Boundary County residents have been confirmed to have had COVID-19, 153 in the week from October 20 to 27. We've lost 32 family members, friends and neighbors since the onset of the scourge, eight this month alone.

Statewide, 288,923 Idahoans have experienced COVID-19, 1,244 of those cases confirmed yesterday. For 3,501 of them, the illness proved fatal.

Nationwide, 45,730,064 have had COVID-19, 741,773 have died, 45,427 in the last 28 days. We are still, as we have been from the outset of the pandemic in March, 2020, the world leader in all the wrong COVID-19 statistics.
As of today, the world leading countries in cumulative COVID-19 deaths. To date, the novel corona virus has claimed the lives of 4,977,525 people world-wide.

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