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Badger community will play key role in Clash of the Claws

January 4, 2022

By Tully Reinhardt
BFHS Leadership

This year at Bonners Ferry High School, there has been a renewed sense of pride and excitement in our school culture, especially in our athletics. Community support for everything, from homecoming donations to showing up to games and getting loud and proud for our hometown teams, has been outstanding. With that, we are very excited to announce a new, soon to be annual, competition of school spirit and community pride against Kellogg High School!

Some of you might remember the late, great Moose Madness competitions with Sandpoint High School. Our new competition, called Clash of the Claws, will be mainly focused around the boys and girls varsity basketball games, but this is much more than just two basketball games.

There will also be student body competitions, including a battle of the bands, a student body dance competition, a cheerleader competition, the BCSD food drive, and much, much more, all adding to an overall points system to determine a champion.

Although this event is centered around students of BFHS, an absolute necessity to our chances of winning will be outstanding community involvement.

In short, we are expecting YOU, our hometown community, to pack the stands, get loud, get proud and get rowdy! Competition will be fierce as Kellogg only recently stopped their similar competition with Saint Maries to take it up with a more challenging adversary–us.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for this game, but no worries -- they are still at regular prices. They will go on sale in the office at BFHS, but they will not be available for sale at the door. So, hurry in to get your seat before we’re completely sold out!

The event takes place Saturday, January 15, and tip off is at noon.
Quick reminder: The BFHS food drive is part of our competition! We’re still accepting donations at the high school to replenish our local food banks from the massive draw of the holiday seasons. Clash of the Claws measures donations by weight, so the heavier, the better for our competition.

Thanks for supporting our Badger community!

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P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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