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Gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy in town tomorrow

January 12, 2022

Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy (R-Emmett) will make a campaign stop in Bonners Ferry from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, January 13, in the old American Legion Hall above Jack's Club, 6416 Kootenai Street.

According to Wikipedia, Bundy is an American anti-government militant and activist.

"A car fleet manager by profession, Bundy gained widespread attention by leading the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge," it reads. "He is the son of rancher Cliven Bundy, who was the central figure in the 2014 Bundy standoff regarding unpaid grazing fees on federally-owned public land.

In March 2020, Bundy created the far-right People’s Rights network. In August 2020, Bundy was arrested twice over a two-day period at the Idaho State Capitol after leading a large group of maskless protesters who were protesting the Idaho stay-at-home order and related Idaho COVID-19 legislation.

He was first arrested on August 25, 2020, and charged with criminal trespass for actively disrupting legislative hearings and refusing to leave the building when directed to do so by the Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives. He was also charged with resisting arrest. He was rearrested on August 26, 2020, for criminal trespass and resisting arrest after returning to the Idaho State Capitol Building shortly after posting bail for the first offense.

On March 15, 2021 he was once again arrested after refusing to wear a face mask inside an Idaho courthouse and missing the court date for his offenses regarding the Idaho legislature protests. On April 8, 2021, Bundy was arrested two more times at the Idaho State Capitol on two charges of misdemeanor trespassing and one charge of misdemeanor resisting or obstructing.

On June 19, 2021, Bundy announced his intent to run for governor of Idaho.

"I’m running for Governor because I’m sick and tired of all of this political garbage just like you are," hw wrote on his campaign website. "I’m tired of our freedoms being taken from us and I’m tired of the corruption that is rampant in our state Government.

"And look, let’s be real, Joe Biden and those in the Deep State that control him, will simply not be able to help themselves—they are going to try to take away our gun rights, freedom of religion, parental rights, and more—and further violate the Constitution in unimaginable ways—even more than they’ve already done.

"We can not afford to have state leadership that lets the federal government bully us, or walk all over us. And its an unfair fight, when the federal government unlawfully attacks the people—believe me, I know as my family and I experienced this first hand, when we were unlawfully attacked by federal officials at our family ranch in Nevada in 2014. But we did not back down, and thankfully, likeminded patriots across the country stood with us, as we fought back against federal tyranny to protect our land and our rights.

"I am running for Governor to bring that same vigor, and willingness to stand for what is right, to the state of Idaho. Because we know that the Federal Government under Joe Biden and the existing establishment will continue their onslaught against the people, and we simply can’t afford to have leadership in our state back down, and comply with federal tyranny. Remember, it is the state’s duty and moral obligation to protect the people. Furthermore, we can’t allow that same cronyism and corruption to reign in Idaho, as it has for so many years."

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