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Truckers both okay after horrific collision

January 14, 2022

At about 12:18 p.m. today, emergency crews were dispatched to a two vehicle semi collision on Highway 95 near mile 502.5 south of Mirror Lake Golf Course. The roadway was finally cleared at about 6 p.m. Norman Apfel posted the following to Facebook.

This what happened to my work truck today after we left Bonners Ferry. People who know me know my truck after 40 some years. Chuck Bowman works for me, and he was driving the truck.

I was a couple miles ahead of him in my truck. He called and said Norm the truck is dying going up the hill with no place to pull over. I immediately turned around to come get him.

In the mean time, an inattentive semi truck driver hit the truck at 60 mph and this was the result. There was no skid marks!
First of all Chuck will be ok!

A couple people stopped and got him out the back window. He was able to walk. Anyway I was going down the hill looking for him and the truck when I saw this hunk of metal on the side of the road, and said to myself what the hell is this?! I did not recognize the truck for a moment, and I didn't see another vehicle around, so I was wondering what the hell happened? The main thing Chuck is going to be ok.

Anyway after a little bit I saw the semi truck down a 25-foot embankment upside-down. All this happened in a matter of minutes by the time I turned around and came back down the hill to get Chuck.

The semi driver is ok as well. He walked away without a scratch. The police officer told me the semi driver will be cited for inattentive driving. What a day!

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