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BCSD answers questions on the proposed bond

February 17, 2022
Boundary County School District continues to make presentations and provide additional information concerning the upcoming bond election on March 8, 2022. As we have made presentations and heard concerns, we want to answer some of the questions that have been asked and provide additional opportunities for you to ask us questions.

When are the next presentations?
  • 5 p.m. Thursday, February 24, Valley View
  • 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, Valley View

What is the tax impact?

The figures below are not in addition to the current bond. The current bond is paid off in August 2022. Essentially, the bond on the ballot will replace the old bond.

The maximum impact would be $0.17 per $1,000. If we were to sell the bonds today, it would be a $0.14 impact per $1,000. We have built in a reserve because interest rates may fluctuate before we can sell the bonds. Once the bonds are sold, we are projected to have a fixed interest rate of 2.63-percent. We added an estimated tax calculator to our website at https://www.bcsd101.com. Here are a few scenarios:

Net taxable value (after Homeowners Exemption)

Estimated Current Taxes

(M&O, Bond, Tort)

Bond Passes - Estimated New Taxes per Year

Total Estimated Taxes with M&O, new Bond, Tort

Change Per Year

Change Per Month

























We received feedback that our brochure was confusing, so we wanted to clarify the impact on taxes for passing the bond. The yearly change is in red.

Is there any other way to pay for a new school other than a bond?

At this time, the only way to finance the construction of a school building in the State of Idaho is by passing a bond at the local level.

What is the difference between a Bond Levy and Supplemental Maintenance & Operation Levy?

Bond levy requires 66 ⅔-percent super-majority “yes” vote to pass. It can be for up-to 30 years, but our bond is proposed for 20 years. Think about bonds for buildings or major capital outlay projects.

Supplemental maintenance and operation levy (M&O) requires a simple majority or 50-percent plus one “yes” vote to pass. Think about an M & O as a learning levy. This levy pays for programs, personnel, benefits, some maintenance and activities not covered/funded by the State of Idaho. Our district currently runs an M & O every two years. We will continuously need this levy to offer and sustain the programs we have at this time unless the Idaho State Legislature fully funds education.

Is the Circuit Breaker (Property Tax Reduction) program going away?

No, the circuit breaker is NOT going away. We have confirmed this with the county. Currently, there is a bill requesting an increase, so more individuals may qualify. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Cheryl Navarro or David Ryals at the assessor’s office, (208) 267-3301.

Are we closing an outlying school?

No, we are not closing or even recommending the closure of an outlying school. If you are hearing this it is not true. Our Facilities Committee considered the question, but based on projected growth and the desire to allow parents/guardians to have choices, we will not be recommending the closure of any school building.

What about homeschooling?

Currently, we open our doors to some homeschool students and welcome any students that want to attend our schools. Some families have selected to have their children attend drama, choir, band and career technical courses. Additionally, we open our facilities to homeschool groups and families on the weekend and occasionally in the evening during the weekdays.

We had two individuals on our Facilities Committee that homeschool their children. We need their input. One has lived in both worlds: homeschooling and public school. Both individuals believe in the direction we are going.

What about ARP and ESSR funds? Are there any strings attached?

We encourage you to review our Back to School Plan, ESSR Use of Funds, Federal Funds Projected and Safe Return to In-Person Instruction. All these documents may be found on our website at https://www.bcsd101.com/covid-19/index. Any funds we have expended fall under our requirements and all major capital projects have to be approved ahead of time by the State. We are not using ARP funds for the replacement of Valley View, but we are using them for improvements at Mount Hall Elementary, Naples Elementary, Boundary County Middle School and Bonners Ferry High School.

What should we do if we need additional information?

Any of the Facilities Committee members are willing to answer questions. Please reach out to them.

Additionally, any of the following are willing to answer any of your questions:
  • Jan Bayer, Superintendent, (208) 267-3146 or jan.bayer@mail.bcsd101.com.
  • Teresa Rae, School Board Trustee, teresa.rae@mail.bcsd101.com.
  • Cal Bateman, Business Manager, (208) 267-3146 or cal.bateman@mail.bcsd101.com.

Thank you to our community for reaching out, listening to our presentations and discussions, and going out to vote on March 8, 2022!
Our Community . . . Our Future . . . Our Decision!

Questions or Comments? Send us an email!

Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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