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America's Veterinarian leaving soon to help Ukrainian pets

March 28, 2022

Dr. Marty Becker
By Mike Weland

Dr. Marty Becker, Bonners Ferry, announced this afternoon that he will be traveling to the Ukraine border next week to assist with the Herculean effort to help the Ukrainian people get their pets to safety as the nation continues to stand fast against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his immoral war machine.

"I’m speaking now with a couple of veterinary organizations on how I can be the most useful, as well as some companies to provide supplies," he posted to Facebook.

Her dog too old and crippled to walk,
this Ukrainian woman carries him.
Long known as "America's Veterinarian," Dr. Becker has spent a lifetime working toward better health and happiness for pets and the people who love them. He is the founder of Fear Free®, which works to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for the critters who are so essential to happy homes.

For 17 years, he cemented his status as America's, and the world's, best-loved veterinarian,  as a tireless advocate for pets on ABC Television's "Good Morning America," he's written 23 books that have sold eight-million copies and his insightful articles on all things pets have appeared in newspapers and magazines world-wide.

There is little doubt that Dr. Becker's contribution to the pets of Ukraine and to the people and families who love them will have a major and positive impact in a nation besieged. It may well help wake the Russian people to recognize the heinousness of their president, a man solely responsible for atrocities and trying to hide behind a wall of lies, strictly enforced.

As in coverage of most such assaults, images of bomb damage, burning tanks and human casualties are prevalent, but in Ukraine, such heart-wrenching photos are interspersed with photos of people fleeing the wreckage of bombs and bullets on foot, carrying only that which they need ... to include their pets.

Their world turned upside down, they would no more leave their pets behind as they would sons or daughters.

Putin might laugh at such sentiment as weakness, but it makes obvious his own inherent and irredeemable weaknesses, and tells that the strength of the common people is far greater than the professions of a blusterous Russian coward.

Vladimir stepped on his tiny little crank. He stands helpless as the canine heroes of the Ukraine line up to piss on his leg.

Those who'd like to help Dr. Becker or learn more can reach him at DrMJB@fearfreepets.com.

While he hasn't asked, I invite those who'd like to contribute to send checks payable to Dr. Marty Becker, c/o 9B Media, P.O. Box 1625, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805. Please put "For Ukraine's pets" in the "for" block of the check. Together, we can stand fast against tyranny.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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