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North Idaho Republicans formed to stand against extremists

April 21, 2022

In light of the obvious dysfunction in GOP politics of late, a group of 100 North Idahoans, all long-time Republicans proclaiming "we made Idaho the conservative place where newcomers now want to live," have banded together to form the North Idaho Republicans to stand against the right-wing extremism that now permeates the party.

"Over the last 10 years the evolution of local 'precinct person' representation on the KCRCC (Kootenai County Republican Central Committee) has drifted far away from these guiding Republican principles," they write on their website, www.northidahorepublicans.org. "As good Republicans were being replaced on the central committee (with Libertarians, Constitutionalists, John Birchers, Redoubters & anarchists) the central committee itself began to wage war on traditional Republicans. The Kootenai County Central Committee (KCRCC) has become a non-Republican political cult, a network with many unholy affiliates."

With many of its founders former elected officials, the group calls out both the KCRCC and its chair, Brent Regan, as well as the Idaho Freedom Foundation, also chaired by Regan, the North Idaho Freedom Fighters, the Panhandle Patriots Riders Group, the John Birch Society and several other organizations that push extremist views, as well as Redoubt News, Idaho Speaks, Kootenai County Spectator and The Peoples Pen, media that help disseminate the noxious right-wing propaganda.

Providing links to the websites of each, they write, "the founding members of North Idaho Republicans choose t not be affiliated or associated with any of the following sites. You can make up your own mind."

The mission of the group is to ensure that the future Republican Party stands for the traditional Republican values of supporting democracy, families, economic prosperity and education.

"We know the KCRCC network does not represent the majority," they write. "They can’t even recruit enough people to fill all the vacant precinct committee positions. Bottom line, we have heard from so many Republicans that 'the KCRCC does NOT represent me as a Republican.' It is time for the 'silent majority' to once again let their voices be heard. Now is the time for longtime Republicans to come together before the KCRCC Network can inflict more damage to this beautiful area we call home."

North Idaho was built on conservative values, personal responsibility, and hard work. With civility, cooperation, and good communication the community came together. We built schools, a great medical network, and a core of businesses, both small and large, that provide economic stability. We believe this was a winning combination for all of us that can be restored by electing qualified candidates who share these values.

To learn more, visit www.northidahorepublicans.org or email info@northidahorepublicans.org.

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