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Full documentation, library tort claim

August 21, 2022 -- Updated September 5, 2022

In light of the intense interest in the tort claim filed in May against the Boundary County Library District, here are links to the tort claim and six appendices as provided by the attorney for claimants.
Tort claim, 25 pages

Appendix 1, 52 pages: Individuals mentioned, list of supplemental documents, partial chronology of events, memorandum of law election fraud

Appendix 2, 28 pages: Supplemental documents

Appendix 3, 30 pages: Supplemental documents

Appendix 4, 41 pages: Supplemental documents

Appendix 5, 49 pages: Supplemental documents

Appendix 6, 63 pages: Supplemental documents

Here are chronological links to articles and letters published in this journal through September 5 regarding the Boundary County Library controversies, some originally on the late kvt.news and now available on 9b.news for the first time.
March 31, 2021: Library director Craig Anderson retiring
April 15, 2021: Library board declares emergency; shutting doors for two weeks
April 15, 2021: Boundary County Library going into dry dock, Ashworth says
April 25, 2021: Allegations against library far reaching
April 28, 2021: Clear answers elusive in library controversy
May 1, 2021: Library video case may not be as closed as it seemed to be
May 5, 2021: Library board mum, employees side with whistle blower
May 5, 2021: Library board issues statement
July 13, 2021: Proper notice lacking for library annual meeting
July 14, 2021: Library board has chance to rebuild trust
July 15, 2021: Petitioners seek to unseat entire library board
July 15, 2021: 'Whistleblower' lauds library board recall effort
July 16, 2021: That an important thing needing fixed will have been set aright
July 21, 2021: Library board to hold special meeting Thursday
July 22, 2021: After over three months closed, library to open Tuesday
July 24, 2021: Library releases proposed FY 2021-22 budget
July 24, 2021: Hiring Sandy Ashworth may have unintended consequences
July 27, 2021: Library whistle blowers put on leave, asked to help build their own scaffolds
August 2, 2021: Library board opts to keep report from public view
August 10, 2021: Former library board member questions proposed budget
August 19, 2021: Library budget approved amid chaos
August 20, 2021: Library board recall drive ends
August 27, 2021: Library board owes community honesty, transparency
October 26, 2021: Library seeking board member to fill Judith Mace's shoes
October 29, 2021: Library names new director
December 3, 2021: Library board set to fill vacant seat
December 10, 2021: Lee Colson appointed to library board
February 12, 2022: Library board meets in executive session to discuss whistleblowers
March 26, 2022: Take steps to protect our kids from eyebrow-raising library materials
March 31, 2022: Selective legislative outrage costs us all
May 19, 2022: Library's woes not over yet
June 3, 2022: Library board releases investigative report ... not
June 14, 2022: Library director explains redaction
June 17, 2022: Library board adopts material selection policy
June 22, 2022: We adults need refresher course in respect
July 10, 2022: Capurso's Redoubt seeks library board recall to protect kids
July 17, 2022: Library board recall an inept and shameless ploy
July 18, 2022: Say no to modern day prohibitionists
July 19, 2022: Library book allegedly tossed to protect children, but they got the wrong book
July 20, 2022: Library staff grateful for community's show of support
July 20, 2022: Who needs a library? Let's just close it
August 5, 2022: 'Read-In' of controversial books held to protest library board recall
August 9, 2022: ICRMP refuses to renew library's policy
August 16, 2022: Glidden submits resignation as library director
August 16, 2022: If this was about book bans, wouldn’t the library need to have the books?
August 19, 2022: Ban the books, sound the shofar
August 20, 2022: Recall petition to be filed against county clerk for alleged library election fraud
August 22, 2021: We are strong and we hold fast to hope
August 28, 2022: An inquiring mind
August 30, 2022: Your library needs your support
August 30, 2022: Stand up for our community's public library
September 2, 2022: Adrienne Norris seeks investigation of 'corrupt' library

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