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Adrienne Norris seeks investigation of corrupt library

A Bonners Ferry woman, one of few people who publically acknowledges being part of the group of people seeking the recall of four of five members of the Boundary County Library board in an effort to protect the county's children from exposure to pornography and "being groomed" into the nether world of pedophilia and sexual deviancy, posted to Facebook today an undated letter to eight agencies and offices to request, "the assistance of any agency or elected official who is able to properly handle the matters ... regarding the recent events occurring in Boundary County, Idaho, involving serious matters of public concern, which have unfortunately now become matters of national concern in the media."

It came on the same day Adrienne Norris was shown in a piece aired on CNN, one in which she, and other recall supporters contacted, all refused to talk on camera.

In her letter, addressed to the Idaho Attorney General, Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, or ICRMP, the office of secretary of state, Boundary County district prosecutors, the county probation office, School District 101, Boundary County Sheriff David Kramer and Bonners Ferry Police Chief Brian Zimmerman, Norris contends that the core recall group, volunteers and petition signers involved in the recall have "received numerous threats, intimidation, insults, slander and most recently there has been attempts by Library administration with the assistance of others who hold positions of authority in our community to have us all shut out of the Library Board meetings."

It goes on to allege that after a June 16 library board meeting at the county annex building, in a room with an 80-person seating capacity, overflowed into the parking lot and drew an audience of over 2,500 viewers on Zoom, library director Kimber Glidden and her supporters, "which are 250 members of an exclusive Facebook group called 'Boundary County Library Support Group,'" deliberately packed the same venue an hour before the library board's August 17 meeting, deliberately and intentionally depriving members of the recall group admission to an open public meeting.

Norris goes on to aver that library director Kimber Glidden, who has "done her best to discredit the community members who are working on the recall," told multiple patrons that "she would order books with photos of sex acts if requested," causing a community uproar "and the community requested the Library Board of Trustees create a policy that would not allow any employee of the library to order books that would break the Federal Obscenity Law Section 1466A, which makes it illegal for any person to knowingly produce, distribute, receive, or possess with intent to transfer or distribute visual representations, such as drawings, cartoons, or paintings that appear to depict minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and are deemed obscene, or Idaho Code 18, which defines by statute crimes and punishments in the Gem State.

"She joined the American Library Association and updated policy without Board involvement or vote to act on the action, deleted meeting audio so no one could hear the public comments 'hid' Facebook comments on the public page and lied to the local newspaper in an attempt to discredit our true intent, which is to keep books with sex acts away from minors ... she also claims that a person is blowing the shofar to call on God to start a war (the lady blows it to call on God to hear the prays of the people)."

Norris asserts all the allegations are untrue.

"Glidden has even gone to national media sources to say that we are trying to burn down the Library, ban books, drown her in the river, get rid of all LGBTQ themed books and many other extremely disparaging and outrageous falsehoods ... We are being called fascists, Nazi's, white nationalists, book burners, communists, homophobes, etc. ...

"We have volunteers who have given up due to the hostile environment Kimber Glidden and her 'supporters' have created. Our recall core members have worked according to the law to petition, speak peaceable at Board meetings, use healthy communications and use cited references like laws, court cases, etc."

The document acknowledges that Kimber Glidden, who accepted the challenge of accepting the daunting task of taking over the directorship of a public library facing challenges, ended her career, saying that "nothing in my background could have prepared me for the political atmosphere of extremis, militant Christian fundamentalism, intimidation tactic and threatening behavior."

"I am here to say that nothing in MY background could have prepared me for the intimidation, slander, lies and abuse of power and office currently being employed by the Director and this Library Board on a national scale," Norris wrote.

The common sense questions here are who threw the first punch and who has the most to lose, Who attacked, who defended?

First punch; Adrienne. Most to lose;  Kimber. Seems a shame to let go a community treasure on such false and malignant motives.

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