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Thank Herndon ... killing education in Idaho

May 26, 2023

Yet another shiny new flyer landed in Idaho District 1 mail boxes this week touting the incredible accomplishments of Senator Scott Herndon in advocating education freedom in Idaho for supporting "No More Lines" legislation, "legislation that cements Idaho's status as a national leader in public school access."

The accolade meriting the glitzy and expensive call upon Idahoans to contact the senator and say thanks regards the passage of Senate Bill 1125, which allows any student in the state choosing to attend public school to attend the public school of their choice. A win for parental rights. Another example of school choice, said Idaho Governor Brad Little.

“Senate Bill 1125 fits right into our responsible, transparent, accountable approach to expanding school choice," Little gushed.

Under SB1125, parents in Boundary County who opt to send their kids to public school are no longer forced to have their kids be Bonners Ferry Badgers ... if, say, Clark Fork High School has room and the parents can transport the kids to and from, Bonners Ferry students could be Wampus Cats!

In the interest of parental choice, many school districts in Idaho, long before Scott Herndon's ascension, including Boundary County School District 101, have offered not only open enrollment, enabling parents to enroll their children in any school in the district, but they open their facilities and programs to students who are home or privately schooled.

SB1125, many Idaho school superintendents aver, is largely meaningless. Most parents opting to give their kids a public education are proud to send their kids to the local school, to let Badgers be Badgers, Wampus Cats Wampus Cats and the kids friendly rivals looking forward to the next game, meet or contest.

What's interesting about the rich accolades sent to elicit thanks to Herndon for "ADVANCING EDUCATION FREEDOM IN IDAHO" that arrived this week in Boundary and Bonner County mailboxes this week weren't paid for by Herndon, no more so than the similarly deceitful crap that's landed on his behalf in mailboxes here beginning the day he announced his candidacy.

Politics has always been an ugly business, but back in the day, at least here in North Idaho, challenges were face to face, and as such fairly honest.

Herndon has belied any sense of honesty, of dignity, of original thought. He is MAGA.

SB1125 was not introduced to promote choice, but to decimate public education in Idaho. It wasn't Herndon's idea or concept, it was but the echo of "yes. every kid., an Arlington, Virginia, non-profit organization whose mission is to "abandon the divisive history of imposing the will of politicians and interest groups on people and instead unleash the extraordinary potential of every kid through treating them with dignity by empowering them to make the decisions that are best for them. We give a voice to every parent, student, and teacher that shares that goal."

In other words, like Herndon, they give voice only to those who agree.

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