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Teresa Rae Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year

April 30, 2022

Teresa Rae and Janis Tucker
Teresa Rae has been recognized with the “Woman of the Year” award at the Beta Sigma Phi Founders Day Program today. Member Janis Tucker asked Teresa to join them under false pretenses. On Thursday, she told her that one of their presenters had dropped out and could she come speak on behalf of Boundary Fuller Center for Housing, more commonly known as Habitat for Humanity.

In exchange for a three to four minute presentation, Teresa was promised her delicious breakfast and the chance to sit next to her favorite middle school volleyball coach as payment! True to form, she didn’t hesitate to say "yes."

“I’m in!" Teresa said, "What time? You had me at ‘favorite middle school volleyball coach."

Said volleyball coach had the privilege and honor of introducing Teresa and letting people know how vital people like Teresa Rae are to the growth and livelihood of our community.

"Janis Lieutenant Colonel Teresa Rae is a retired Logistics Military Officer who moved to Bonners Ferry after serving in the Army for 20 years," Janis said. "Together with her husband, Brian, also a retired Army Officer, they have two beautiful daughters, Victoria and Helene. Teresa has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters Degree in Logistics Management from Florida Institute of Technology.

"I could go on and on about all her accolades in the military, but we only ordered enough food for breakfast, not lunch and dinner! If you would like to scan her military file, I have it right here, and I can show you after the program.

"Since retiring from the military in 2012, Teresa has been volunteering in our community with many organizations. In the summer of 2012, Teresa helped organize Bonners Ferry’s Walk for a Cure event and raised over $36,000 for cancer research and assistance. In 2013, she helped write grants for Parks and Recreations and raised over $40,000 to help build the playground structure at the fairgrounds. She continues to coach and referee as needed for Parks and Recreation volleyball, basketball and softball programs. She also volunteered for several years helping raise money for the local Distinguished Young Women's program.

"She served as Vice President of the Fry Healthcare Foundation and continues to help with numerous fundraisers that enable better care at Boundary Community Hospital. Although Teresa resigned from the Fry Foundation, she continues to help with fundraising.

"If this wasn’t enough,Teresa joined Boundary Fuller Center for Housing, previously known as Habitat for Humanity, as the Chief Fundraiser and Public Relations volunteer; her efforts have brought in both monetary and material donations for that program.

"As a classified employee for BCSD 101 for four years, Teresa served as the Computer Lab Teacher at Valley View Elementary School, teaching K through fifth grade students grade-specific computer skills, interacting with 350 little people on a weekly basis. She has coached for the BCMS and high school volleyball, basketball and track programs, both as a paid or volunteer coach as needed.

"I coached with Teresa for several volleyball seasons at the middle school and was amazed at her work ethic and enthusiasm. I don’t know who had more fun, the middle school volleyball players or the coaches.

"In 2016, Teresa was elected as Zone 5 School Board Representative and has been an integral part of many committees, including the Facilities Committee spanning the past two years. She is a champion for teachers, a champion for support staff, but above all, a champion for all students for the boundary county school district.

"Personally, I think God had a plan for her from day one. All her military background and experience certainly prepared her for her eventual move to Bonners Ferry and her involvement with so many committees, various boards, activities and service projects.

"Each year at the Beta Sigma Phi Founders Day Luncheon, one of the chapters honors a woman that goes above and beyond to support and improve this wonderful place we all call home. On behalf of Beta Sigma Phi, we thank Teresa for her tireless efforts, her overwhelming enthusiasm, and her commitment to all ages in our community. I consider it a privilege and honor to recognize my dear friend, Teresa Rae as Beta Sigma Phi’s Woman of the Year."

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