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Mother moose moves Post Falls River Run

September 7, 2021

Photos by Levi Bonnell

Ceci Roemer
A mother moose taking up residence in Kiwanis Park meant Saturday's cross country meet had to be moved to Q'emlin Park on the Spokane River in Post Falls. The Post Falls team set up a beautiful little 1.8-mile course that started and finished on the beach, but also wound its way through a well shaded park and up into some rocky hills as well. It was very technical, which Badger coach Tyler Warner said our runners are becoming very good at.

Another unique aspect to this race is they broke the races down by classes, so it started with freshman boys, then freshman/sophomore girls, then sophomore boys and so on.

"Both boys and girls ran really well, taking all the little hills and turns just like we practice," Warner said. "A lot of folks give me a hard time about 'how do you coach cross country besides telling them things like run faster?!' but there are really some technical aspects to it, especially for more advanced runners. Things like how to run downhill without destroying your knees, surging out of a turn to make up for having to slow down, things like that. Everyone did a good job of utilizing those tricks and skills."

Freshman Sydney Beckle did really well racing people, moving through packs and moving up to the next groups.

Wyatt Smith
"I was also very impressed with Ryan Beckle in the junior boys race," Warner said. "He hasn't run since middle school, but was also very actively racing against people, taking control when passing, advancing well and he posted a really decent time given the odd distance and his first time running."

Ian Williams, also in the junior boys race, had a really good week of practice and consequently had a really good race as well.

"He's been going longer distances and has been holding his own on speed workouts," Warner said. "He really has been getting better every week. His form improved a lot at this race and he made conscious efforts to run people down and take control when passing them."

Connor Alexander took part in a spectacular senior boys race, running in a group of five that included boys from Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston and CdA Charter Academy.

"Connor was stride for stride with that pack, running well against defending IML champ Logan Davis from Charter," Warner said. "When they hit about 250 meters to go, the pack took off, elbowing and swimming through each other. It was really spectacular to see how badly those front guys wanted it. Connor fell off the back a little but, but still managed fifth place and a time of 9:56.3. Really smart, gritty running by Connor, especially at the very end.

"A lot of early season races you end up with kids being in the race and trying to survive it or finish it. At Post Falls, though, I really feel like the vast majority of the team was actively in the races, pushing themselves and finding new horizons. Justin Strugar has really matured as a runner and is now thinking about how he can gain places on people, how to use features to his advantage, and knowing when to use his energy correctly."

Connor was the only Badger in the senior boy's run. In the sopomore boy's race, Wyatt Smith finished 32nd with a time of 12:27.9. In the junior boy's run, Justin Strugar posted a 15th place finish for the Badgers at 12:05.3, Beckle 19th at 12:47.0, Carson Dineen 25th at 13:49.8, Ian Williams 27th at 14:54.8 and Chase Xitco 28th at 18:44.0.

In girl's races, Badger freshman Sydney Beckle finished 24th in the freshman/sophomore race with a time of 14:19.1 and freshman Trina Johnson finished 43rd at 19:15.2. In the junior/senior girl's race, Ceci Roemer finished 17th at 13:02.6, Leah Moellmer 30th at 14:36.4 and Jayden Byars 33rd at 14:59.4. All three are juniors.

For full results, click here.

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