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Tuesday's Trouble back at the lanes

September 29, 2021

By Dolores Sweet

Tuesday's Trouble are back again! They started their season the day after Labor Day, but since the computers at AJ's Lanes were down we couldn't get readouts. You're going to get two weeks' scores with this write-up.

In week one, Gail Thompson got high scratch game 154, DaVonna Cada got second high scratch game 147, and Donna Kent and Alice VanGundy tied for third high scratch game 144.

Donna got high scratch series 401, Alice got second high scratch series 388 and Jeanne Osborne got third high scratch series 385.

Individual bowlers won't establish handicap for six weeks.

Every year, the members draw to see who is on each team and then they pick new team names.

The Lupines; Alice, DaVonna and Lil Jiminez, got high scratch game 401, high scratch series 1,100 and second high handicap game 635. The Bluebells; Kathy Konek, Carolyn McNeill and Dolores Sweet, got second high scratch game374, high handicap game 665 and second high handicap series 1,804.

The Lady Sippers; Jeanne, Evelyn Smith and Donna Nystrom, got third high scratch game 382 and third high scratch series 1,059. The Poppies; Donna, Zetta Graupner and Denise Crichton, got second high scratch series 1,080 and high handicap series 1,806. The Buttercups; Regina Colby, Bonnie Grove and Michelle Sweet, got third high handicap game 633 and third high handicap series 1,804.

Zetta got the only double and she converted the 2-7 split while Donna Nystrom converted the 5-7, Donna Kent the 5-10, Denise the 2-7 and Alice and Lil got the 2-7-8.

In week two, Kathy got high scratch game 167 and third high scratch series 404. Alice also got 167. Denise got third high scratch game 161 and high scratch series 434 and DaVonna got second high scratch series 414.

The Poppies took it all; high scratch game 441, high scratch series 1,233, high handicap game 655 and high handicap series 1,875.

The Lupines got second scratch game 386, second scratch series 1,116 and third handicap series 1,857. The Bluebells got third high scratch game 375, third high scratch series 1,053 and third high handicap game 638. The Wild Roses; Nina Saunders, Donna Lunsford and Kim Haworth, got second high game handicap 653 and second high handicap series 1,870.

DaVonna, Alice, Michelle and Donna Kent each bowled doubles. DaVonna converted the 5-6 split, Tamie Patzer the 3-9-10, Kim and Evelyn the 3-10, Donna Nystrom and Elaine Wheeler the 2-7 and Denise both the 2-7 and 5-6.

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