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Local smallbore shooters shine in NRA sectional

November 7, 2022

By Kathy Konek

By Kathy Konek
Don Jordan, Tom Daniel, Greg Mead and Bill Leach
In the spring of 2022, members of the Kootenai Valley Rifle Club shot in the NRA Sectional rifle match at their home range. They compete with .22 caliber rifles, single shot, at a distance of 50 feet indoors. A sectional match is one in which a shooter obtains their national ranking. Matches are held across the United States, the scores are sent into the NRA then combined with others to see how everyone did. After months of waiting the results are in.

The first match, a four position team match, shooting 10 shots in each of the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions, the team of Bill Leach, Greg Mead, Don Jordan and Tom Daniel combined their scores to place third in the nation with a final of 1,565, just 18 points behind the first place team from Pittsburgh. The Sandpoint Rifle Club placed seventh with a score of 1,451.

As individuals, shooting 20 shots in each position, Bill Leach was senior champion (over 60 years old) for the second year in a row and fifth in the master class with a score of 791 out of 800 possible. His teammates, also shooting in the master class, all placed in the top 20. Some of the junior shooters (under 21 years old) participated in the marksman class. Ellie Rutherford, Megg Kahanek, Salix Harris and Paige Sartell also stayed in the top 20 shooters.

The second match was a three position match. Shooting 40 shots in each of the prone, kneeling and standing positions. The target used in this match is challenging, to score a 10, the shooter must take out a dot not much larger than the period at the end of this sentence. The senior team again placed third in the nation with a final score of 4,317, which set a new senior (over 60 years old) national record.

As individuals, Leach would place ninth overall in the master class. Mead, Daniel and Jordan, shooting in the expert class again placed in the top 20, along with Ron Shadel of the Sandpoint club. Junior shooter Kahanek broke the top 10, placing ninth in the marksman class.

The third match was for junior shooters only. They shot 20 shots in each the prone, kneeling and standing positions. The team of Rutherford, Kahanek, Harris and Sartell placed 14th out of 27 teams in their class.

As individuals, Rutherford placed 25th out of 69 shooters in the junior class (over 16 years old). In the intermediate class, 136 15-to 17-year olds shot, with Kahanek placing 49th and Sartell tying for 66th. The sub-junior class (14 and under) had 52 members across the nation. Harris placed ninth, Ilena Wenzel 17th, AJ Giallanza 18th and Kyalynn Comer and Seth Sandborn tied for 22nd with another shooter from Maine.

The last match was also for junior shooters. They shot a four-position match, only putting 10 shots in each position down range. Again, in the junior class, Rutherford placed 22nd out of 88. In the intermediate class, Kahanek was 33rd out of 124 and in the sub-junior class, with 78 shooters, Harris placed 12th, Wenzel 18th and Sanborn 45th.

If you are interested in learning more, or returning to, the sport of smallbore shooting, please stop by the indoor range on Highway 2. Senior shooters (over 20 years old) meet on Wednesday nights and the Junior shooters (under 21 years old) meet on Thursday’s. Both at 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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