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Konek tops Tuesday's Trouble week 15

December 28, 2022

By Dolores Sweet

Kathy Konek got high scratch game 175, high scratch series 466, second high handicap game 243 and second high handicap series 670 in week 15 of Tuesday's Trouble ladies bowling. Alice VanGundy got second high scratch game 161 and second high scratch series 462. Donna Kent got third high scratch game 150, third high scratch series 442 and third high handicap series 658.

Bonnie Grove got high handicap game 252 and high handicap series 693. Tammie Patzer got third high handicap game 240.

The Topaz; Alice VanGundy, Michelle Sweet and Donna Kent, got high scratch game 452, high scratch series 1,279, second high handicap game 656 and third high handicap series, 1,891. The Sapphires; Zetta Graupner, Donna Nystrom and Kathy Konek, got second high scratch game 412, second high scratch series, 1,170, third high handicap game 655 and second high handicap series 1,899.

The Diamonds; Donna Lunsford, Sheila Benson and Elaine Wheeler, got third high scratch game 287 and third high scratch series, 1,115. The Amethysts; Bonnie Grove, Regina Colby and Dolores Sweet, got high handicap game 672 and high handicap series, 1,949.

Michelle Sweet bowled a turkey and doubles went to Dolores Sweet and Elaine Wheeler. Bonnie Grove bowled two.

Sheila Benson converted the only splits of the day; the 9-10 and the 4-10.

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