Schuman announces candidacy for sheriff

Dave SchumanMy name is David Schuman. It is my intent to run for Sheriff of Boundary County in the next election. I started my Peace Officer career in 1979, with the U.S Army and traveled the world. Alabama, Utah, Korea twice, Kansas, Germany, Texas and Washington, with multiple combat deployments, the last being Desert Storm, Saudi Arabia.

After 20 years in the Army and being awarded overseas service awards, NCO developmental awards, Kuwait liberation medal, Good Conduct medals, Army Achievement awards, Army Commendation awards, and a Meritorious Service Medal, I retired in July 1999, only to continue serving with the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office from August 1999 to present.

I have successfully ran agencies of equal or greater size of our Sheriff’s Office in the past.

I have many plans that if elected will be in place that will improve efficiency and stay within our budget, such as increasing training for employees and reducing overtime expenditures.

I reside in Bonners Ferry along with my wife, Michelle, and we are able to see our Grandchildren often.

Besides being the Sergeant Of Arms for American Legion post 55, the Junior Vice Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars post 3622, a member of the Eagles, Masonic Lodge and the Moyie Shriners, I hope to win your vote of confidence as the Republican candidate for Sheriff of Boundary County.

The adjustment from the current administration to ours will be conducted in a professional manner.

One thought on “Schuman announces candidacy for sheriff

  1. I really question the bio offered by Schuman. He claims “multiple combat deployments”, but I have seen this term abused by some veterans who embellish their service. “Combat deployments” does not mean he served in qualified “hostile fire zone” performing actual combat. His term means he could have been in “theater”, but never even heard a shot fired! (i.e.: routine sentinel duties). Not a shot was fired in Saudi Arabia by U.S. forces! He was awarded no combat-specific decorations for his individual actions. So, what are the “larger” agencies he claims to have “ran”? I hope someone from law enforcement will step forward and expose his “reality” there, as I smell here.

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