Illegal immigration threatens our nation’s foundation and future

What on Earth is going on? Recent videos show military aged young men from Africa crossing our southern border unimpeded. More than 37,000 Chinese nationals crossed our southern border illegally in 2023 alone. Debit cards of $10,000 apiece are being handed out to illegal immigrants in New York City. — By Dorothy Moon with response by the publisher

No relief for regular workers

I was happy to read in 9B News Governor Little’s announcement of a funding bill for schools in such desperate need of facilities repair and replacement. It’s House Bill 521. […]

Remember May matters

Maybe you’ve already seen the May Matters signs around the area? What the signs say is true, especially now. This May does matter. May 21 is the date for the Idaho Primary election when all 105 State Legislative positions will be decided. — By Robin Lundgren

Foresight of former legislators paying off now

Eric L.’s letter in the Herald, and those like him, are the reason Idaho’s state budget has skyrocketed. The hoards of out-of-state refugees have created a strain on resources, services […]

Idaho House GOP leaders put the ‘fun’ in dysfunction

For democracy to work, elected leaders must have the freedom to act in the best interest of their constituents. This bedrock principle is now being severely undermined by Idaho’s House GOP leadership. We’re seeing historic levels of strong-arming around votes behind closed doors and harsh punishment for dissent. — By Lauren Necochea

NI GOP — Who are we as a party?

As President’s Day weekend approaches in North Idaho, Republicans reflect on the enduring principles embodied by President Abraham Lincoln, a guiding light for Republicans since he is the very founder of our party. With Republican Lincoln Day Dinner activities in full swing across our state, this is a time for reflection for all Republicans: Who are we as a party? From North Idaho Republicans

The media and the caucus

By Brent Regan IDGOP Rules Chairman As we approach the March 2 Presidential Preference Caucus the amount of misinformation being generated by the media and talking heads is stunning. At […]

GOP caucus a preset MAGA sham

By Mike Weland Publisher No matter how it came about or what excuses they make in their attempt to sell it, the upcoming Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus is but one […]

‘Conservative’ budget another IFF sham

What’s the difference between a “conservative base budget” and a “bare-bones budget?” It depends whether the information comes from the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Scott Herndon or from traditional Idaho […]

Thank goodness Woodward isn’t an IFF lackey

As a constituent of former Idaho Senator Jim Woodward, I agree with only one thing that I read in Ms. or Mr. Fay Almond’s letter in the Bonners Ferry Herald […]

The new Idaho GOP; Old kids with new crayons

One thing about putting radicals in power … They love to make rules, even though they are bad at it and the rules invariably terrible. That’s especially true of the radicals who insist with fervor that they believe in less government, fewer rules. Who tout “True Conservative!” values. — By Mike Weland

Open complaint on property at US95 & El Paso Street, Bonners Ferry

I am logging this formal complaint requesting an enforcement action for business activities occurring on property at the southeast intersection of US95 & El Paso Street in the City of Bonners Ferry owned by Eric Lederhos and operated by Levi Falck, based upon alleged activities. — By Gerald Higgs

Fiscal malpractice

By Representative Steve Berch In December of 2019, I wrote an op-ed titled, “The Fiscal Elephant in the Room.” It detailed how the Idaho Legislature was exempting an estimated $2.5 […]

Gotta love New-Idaho-Some.

Almost 20 days at their seats as overlords of the minions, the Idaho elected elite are busy taking away what you love(d) about the state one rule at a time. Taking away local control of your library. Taking away local control of your schools. Anyone with a gun can be an armed guard…trained resource officers no longer. — By Rosane Smith

The Emperor stands before us … buck naked

Well, here we are approaching another Republican primary in North Idaho on May 21. Albeit some months off, I have been carefully watching our current freshman District 1 Senator in hopes he would faithfully act as our representative on issues that matter to District 1 citizens. — By Bob Clark

The extremist branch of Idaho’s GOP is producing a moving experience

Many people have literally been moved by the ugly performance of Idaho’s Republican extremists in recent years. That is, significant numbers of teachers, librarians, doctors and others have moved out of the Gem State to escape the false claims and oppressive legislation conjured by the dysfunctional branch of Idaho’s GOP, now presided over by Dorothy Moon. — By Jim Jones

Parents know best how to educate their children

This week, communities throughout the nation celebrated the enormous potential of school choice. Now, more than ever, students and families hunger for alternatives to the public school system. With a plethora of educational options available today, our government should champion and empower families to discover the best fit for their children, rather than confining them to an outdated system. — By Dorothy Moon

Elect Jim Woodward state senator

I’ve been a registered Republican for eight years and my husband Orrin is a Democrat — but we’re both more interested in the candidate’s character, voting record and positions on issues rather than party affiliation. Political advertising is obviously biased in favor of their own candidates — so that’s why it is important to talk to candidates in person, to separate fact from fiction. — By Jo Len Everhart

Freedom Caucus says America being invaded

America is being invaded. Since Joe Biden took office, millions of illegal migrants have crossed our southern border. This invasion is bringing crime and gang violence to Idaho and has created a pathway for deadly drugs like fentanyl to our streets. — From the Idaho Freedom Caucus

Fight or flight: Idahoans have a choice in setting the trajectory for our politics

I was 16 when I had my first transformative political experience. It was 1967 and I had been selected as an American Field Service Student. I along with 700 other US students boarded a ship headed to Europe. On arrival we all headed to our assigned countries; (destinations known, experiences to come unknown). Five of us departed to Portugal, then ruled by the dictator Antonio Salazar. — By Diana Dawson

District 1 shows clear support for Woodward

Two weeks ago, fundraising numbers for the upcoming state senate race were released to the public through the State’s campaign finance website. This information is free and easy for all to see. Based on what I was able to download, it is clear that the people of Bonner and Boundary counties support Jim Woodward over Scott Herndon. The numbers simply don’t lie. By Leah Opitz

Election law hasn’t changed

Every two years, we go to the polls and elect all 105 members of the Idaho legislature. In the May primary election, we choose a candidate within our party. In the November general election, we put the party candidates up against one another to determine who will represent our legislative district. By Shawn Keough

Herndon no champion for schools

Scott Herndon wrote an article that was published in the Reader on December 27 touting all the great things that he did for Idaho schools. He brags about his support for HB292, which tackled property tax relief and provided some funding for school infrastructure. — By Sara Trautwein

Things to think about in a cold snap

I am renting this winter in Sandpoint— too hard for me out on the mountain. My pipes froze in the rental. Sandpoint to the rescue! A plumber, an electrician, a telephone system, roads, clean water (hot and cold) … these are all basic services that could not exist without local, state and federal government. By Nancy Gerth

Another session, another library bill

By Steve Berch — We’re only seven days into the 2024 legislative session and we’re already seeing bills to ban masks, accelerate charter schools, allow concealed firearms on college campuses, make it even more difficult to terminate a pregnancy due to rape or incest, impede child protection services from doing their job, and a slew of other bills that no one is asking for when I visit voters at their door.

GOP’s putative embrace of freedom anything but

Dorothy Moon, chair of the Idaho Republican Party and stalwart of the party’s radical right MAGA wing, certainly knows the tropes that dribble down from on high in Mar-a-Lago like excrement into the pits beneath a National Park Service outhouse. What’s astonishing is how she and so many of her ilk in high GOP office can employ such tripe with straight face and nary a trace of shame. — By Mike Weland

An open letter to ITD on Three Mile traffic

I am writing to urgently address the safety concerns in the 3mile area where the current speed limit stands at 55 miles per hour. The Three Mile area is characterized by congestion, a lack of turning lanes and no frontage roads, making navigation challenging for drivers. — By Shelly Kramer

Conservative Idahoans embrace message of faith, family and freedom

The Idaho Republican Party held its 2024 Winter Meeting last weekend at Harvest Church in Meridian. I am proud to say it was one of the best run meetings I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. The Rules and Resolutions Committees worked hard into Friday night, and their work paid off when the State Central Committee approved their reports on Saturday morning. — By Dorothy Moon

Idaho must stand for righteousness

By Steve Tanner – The State of Idaho, through her properly elected representatives, has enacted laws of late to ensure the recording of accurate vital statistics on official state documents, to limit participation in scholastic women’s sports to those certified as women at the time of their birth, to limit bathroom and locker room access to those of the same sex and to outlaw sex altering surgeries on children. Federal Courts, citing “constitutional rights,” have in each case issued stays to temporarily block the expressed will of the people of this state.

Fulcher needs to stand up for those defending Ukraine

By Jim JonesJJ Commontater Representative Russ Fulcher has failed to grasp that his repeated failure to support Ukraine in defending against Russia’s genocidal war is extremely harmful to America’s national […]

Idaho Freedom Caucus identifies propaganda we can trust

By Mike Weland – “The 2024 legislative session starts this Monday!” an Idaho Freedom Caucus email blared Saturday under the telling headline, “2024 Idaho Legislative Session: Tune Out Biased Media, Tune into Trusted Voices.” I run it not for its cackle-inducing unintended humor, but as a heads-up alert to the sensible that the silliness of the radical faction that rose unexpectedly and incompetently to power under the MAGA banner is still rampant.

Idaho’s County Clerks are not mere clerks. Let’s give them our respect

By Jim Jones – We sometimes hear Idaho’s County Clerks spoken of dismissively as mere clerks – low-level functionaries just there to carry out the orders of county commissioners. Those dismissive individuals might be surprised to learn that elected Clerks are the heart and soul of most counties in the Gem State.

Preparing for a busy session in Boise

By Mark Sauter – Happy New Year and I hope all is well with you and your families. As one of your District #1 representatives, it’s an honor to go back to Boise to ensure our voice is heard for state governance. The number one priority and duty of the Legislature is to establish and pass a balanced state budget.

What a travesty

By Rob and Clarice McKenney ~ We have been shocked to learn something from listening to former US prosecutors and other well-versed legal professionals It appears that if Donald Trump is convicted of the crimes of which he is charged and even in jail, there is nothing in our legal system preventing him from running for election and, if he should win, from holding office from jail.

Idaho GOP unites for a year of success and accomplishment

By Dorothy Moon – As Chairwoman, I am so proud of what the Idaho GOP has accomplished this year. Republican legislators, elected officials, members of the State Central Committee, staff, and volunteers all pulled together to make this year a resounding success.

AG’s office flooded with tit for tat calls from Trump supporters

By Raul Labrador – This last week has seen troubling news coming from states across the country. Left-leaning courts and bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to remove former President Trump from state presidential ballots. These are desperate attempts to prevent his election and suppress the voice of citizens to vote for their candidate of choice.

Don’t focus on labels, look at facts

By Mary Ollie – Senator Herndon’s comments on his Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA) rankings omit a few things. However, careful readers will figure this out as nowhere in his article are the criteria for the ILA rankings mentioned and political party rather than constituents is the focus. Senator Herndon’s duties and responsibilities are to his District 1 constituents yet much of his speech is about Republicans v Democrats rather than dealing with real issues of interest to those who live in District 1.

Herndon proud to tango in lock-step with ILA

By Scott Herndon – Is the Idaho Senate actually conservative? Idaho  is a “red” state. We are dominated by Republicans. In the Idaho legislature – senate and house – we have a supermajority of Republicans. 85-percent of Idaho’s state legislators identify as Republican. In the Idaho senate, 28 of the 35 senators are Republican, which is 80-percent. But do these senators vote like Republicans?

Berch just misses out on IFF Freedom award

By Steve Berch – I didn’t plan on sending this, but … the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) attacked me on the day after Christmas. They gave me a very low score on their index and accused me of being in “opposition to conservative education policy, limited government, and fiscal restraint.” To be clear: I welcome being ranked on the opposite end of a scale that exalts ultra-extremists as the paragons of legislative virtue.

Finding hope this Christmas that Trump will prevail

By Dorothy Moon – As the year 2023 draws to a close, our nation faces uncertain times. Our place in the world is precarious as our allies are under attack and our enemies are emboldened. The economy is fragile, with prices for food, energy, and housing still rising, forcing tough decisions on millions of families. Finally, the once and perhaps future President of the United States, the leader of the opposition to the Biden regime, has been indicted and removed from ballots.

Idaho GOP on Colorado Supreme Court removing Trump from ballot

Statement by the Idaho Republican Party – Yet again, leftists in the government are directly interfering with the electoral process to obstruct the people’s will. It’s not hard to imagine that this is just the beginning. An unprecedented and alarming scenario in our nation.

The fairness doctrine, Colorado Supreme Court and the complicit

By Mike Weland: You hear it over and over in these days of political turmoil, and it’s yet another hollow cry by the radical right to negate any chance at logical, productive discourse. I’m talking about their propensity to invoke a once sacred tenet of journalism, the fairness doctrine, done away with in 1987 during the tenure of Ronald Reagan and the rise of cable.

Moon’s GOP dances to the tune of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

By Jim Jones – Dorothy Moon’s branch of the Republican Party is so entwined with the inaptly named Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) that it is hard to know who is calling the shots. Both are extremely far to the right. Both have sought to divide Idahoans by stoking fear and outrage over fake culture war issues.

Christmas at home gives college students civic opportunity

By Clarice M. McKenney – This Christmas season is a great opportunity for parents to help their college students register to vote and request absentee ballots for their college addresses. Registration and the ballot requests can be made by taking proof of student residence to the County Clerk’s office at the Courthouse downtown week days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Then, if your student wants to help get the Open Primaries Initiative on the ’24 ballot, contact a local volunteer whom you know is collecting registered voters’ signatures.

Labrador has certainly kept his promise to be a different kind of AG

By Jim Jones – When Raul Labrador was running for Attorney General last year, he promised to be a different kind of AG and boy has he delivered on that promise. He has done things that nobody could ever have expected an Idaho AG to do. Labrador certainly made a media splash in June when he hauled off, without warning, and brought suit against his own client, the State Board of Education.

Idaho GOP welcomes conservatives flocking to Idaho from left-wing states

By Dorothy Moon – Did you hear the news? Most of the people moving to Idaho are conservative Republicans. Thousands of families have watched left wing policies destroy beautiful states like California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado and have come here to escape encroaching socialism and totalitarianism. No matter if you moved here in the last few years, if your family came here before statehood, or if your ancestors have roots that go back centuries, you know that Idaho is a special place.

Whatever is happening to the GOP … again?

By Mike Weland – Since 2015, we’ve watched the Republican Party freely give, not sell, its soul to one Donald J. Trump. Along with it, it appears Trump also took the good sense and dignity of its highest ranking members, including every Republican serving today in the U.S. House of Representatives, who voted Wednesday to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden without specifying a crime. And that after more than a year of highly publicized hearings have produced nothing but what should be abject embarrassment.

Nation must restore trust in elections

By Idaho Secretary of State Phil McGrane – This is a perilous moment of global instability. The very ideals of constitutional democracy that define America are at risk in every corner of the world. Amid such darkness, the United States is a beacon of hope for those who struggle under dictators and autocrats and yearn for peace, freedom, and self-determination. For democracy. As Republican state election officials, we believe in the power of citizens to choose their leaders freely and fairly, and we have faith in the integrity of the election systems currently in place to carry out the voters’ will.

Who’s the Boss?

By Mary Souza – During my eight years serving in the Idaho Senate, I was incredibly impressed with the respectful nature of the Senate’s legislative process. Decades of tradition insured thoughtful decorum so ideas could be debated, often vigorously, but without personal attacks. After coming from the “blood sport” politics of North Idaho back then, I was relieved to find such rational behavior among my peers in the Senate and appreciated it throughout my time representing CdA.

Herndon’s ‘conservative’ playbook hasn’t changed

By Mike Weland – On Saturday, Idaho First District State Senator Scott Herndon, in another of his bombastic campaign emails, berated Governor Brad Little for now taking credit for House Bill 292, which saved Herndon $379.16 on his property tax bill. Herndon now promises, without providing much detail, to begin working toward eliminating property taxes all together. Based on what he does share, it’s a flawed concept with little to no chance of accomplishing much of anything except impress those of his constituents who consider his rating as the “most conservative” Senator in Idaho as a good thing.

Constitutions protect the rights of voters, not political parties

By Thom Bruce (Boise) Marine Corps veteran, et al – The Constitution of the United States makes it clear that all government power is based on the will of “We the People.” The right of citizens to vote for governing officials is spelled out in several amendments to that revered document. The Constitution does not grant any rights to political parties because the Founding Fathers had witnessed the havoc they had wrought in Europe and thought they’d do likewise in America.

Open Primaries Initiative volunteers will be at the Pearl

By Don Jordan – The Open Primaries Initiative, if enacted, would create unrestricted primaries where, regardless of your political viewpoint, any registered voter could vote for any candidate on the ballot. Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian – all on the same ballot! We get to do that in the general elections in November! We should be able to do it in the primaries!

Thank you, BFHS, for talent and hard work

By Steve Tanner – I would like to express my appreciation to the Director Kelly Collett, the production team and the cast of the Bonners Ferry High School play, the Sound of Music and Heidi. Thank you for a great and delightful production. The talent was great, the hard work and effort evident, which will be long remembered.

Idaho GOP opposes the sexualization of children

By Dorothy Moon – They tell us it’s not happening in Idaho. They also tell us it’s a good thing that it is. Earlier this week, the City of Pocatello honored a drag queen story time group with their “Human and Civil Rights” award. They specifically lauded the group for “providing educational spaces for children.” It’s clear that this award was given in response to recent protests by concerned parents against exposing children to drag events and the gender confusion they promote.