Gunsmoke takes week 12 at Liberty Lanes

By Dolores Sweet

Alice VanGundy got high scratch game 160, high scratch series 474 and tied for second high handicap series 666 in week 12 of Tuesday’s Trouble women’s league bowling at Liberty Lanes in Bonners Ferry. Donna Kent got second high scratch game 154 and second high scratch series 424, Donna Lunsford got third high scratch game 151 and second high handicap game 242 and Kathy Konek got third high scratch series 408.

Fran Musak got high handicap game 247 and high handicap series 680, Gerry Ann Howlett got third high handicap game 231 and tied for second high handicap series 666 and Zeta Graupner got third high handicap series 649.

Gunsmoke; Alice, Donna Lunsford and Jeanne Osborn, got high scratch game 417, high scratch series 1,216, second high handicap game 646 and high handicap series 1,902. Friends. Kathy, Zeta and Donna Nystrom, took second high scratch game 404, second high scratch series 1,132, high handicap game 653 and second high handicap series 1,879. Psych; Gerry Ann, Michelle Sweet and Denise Crichton, got third high scratch game 365, third high scratch series 1,042 and third high handicap series 1,856. Monk; Evelyn Smith, Bonnie Grove and Regina Colby, took third high handicap game 641.

Donna Nystrom, Regina, Donna Lundsford, Alice and Jeanne Osborn each racked up doubles, Zeta picked up two. A lot of splits went down; Michelle took out the 5-10, Donna Kent the 4-5, Bonnie nailed the 2-7 and Fran picked up the 5-7 and the 3-10.