Chaplain Corps hosting dinner for first responders

Chaplain's Corps logoThe Boundary County Chaplain Corps is hosting a drop-in dinner for all first responders in Boundary County from 4-7 p.m. Saturday, December 9, at Covenant Bible Church, 59 Plato Drive, on Highway 95 near Three Mile. All first responders and their families are invited to attend at no cost to them. Catered by Eli Pine, the meal is an opportunity to express thanks for all that our first responders do for our community.

If you would like to donate to the dinner, please contact Eli Pine at (208) 946-9947 or

If you would like to join in that appreciation, please help us sponsor the event with a financial gift toward the cost of the food. If you are a law enforcement official (including reserves), firefighter, EMT/Paramedic, or Search and Rescue, please RSVP by reaching out to the Boundary County Chaplain Corps on social media contact them at (208) 267-3327 or email

The Chaplain Corps is also putting up a money tree to help Paramedic John Minden’s family get back on their feet after the recent devastating fire at their home.

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