Konek rolls a turkey and takes it all in week 13

By Dolores Sweet

Kathy Konek took it all in week 13 of Tuesday’s Trouble women’s league bowling at Liberty Lanes; high scratch game 200, high scratch series 443, high handicap game 275 and high handicap series 668. Denise Crichton got second high scratch game 146. Michelle Sweet and Elaine Wheeler tied for third high scratch game at 143 and Elaine also got second high scratch series 416. Michelle bowled third high scratch series 406 and third high handicap series 658.

Zetta Graupner got second high handicap game 235. Gerry Ann Howlett rolled third high handicap game 234 and second high handicap series 661.

Friends; Kathy, Zetta Graupner and Donna Nystrom, led in team scoring with high scratch game 442, second high scratch series 1,083, high handicap game 689 amd third high handicap series 1,824. Psych; Michelle, Denise and Marie Sumpter, got second high scratch game 395, high scratch series 1,106, second high handicap game 652 and high handicap series 1,877.

Gunsmoke; Gerry Ann, Donna Lunsford and Jeanne Osborn, got third scratch game 350. Monk; Tamie Patzer, Bonnie Grove and Regina Colby, got third high scratch series 1,006, third high handicap game 636 and second high handicap series 1,867.

Kathy got a turkey, rolling three strikes in a row. Marie, Michelle, Zetta and Donna Kent each rolled doubles, Jeanne picked up the 4-5 split and Donna Nystrom took out the 5-6.