Idaho GOP on Colorado Supreme Court removing Trump from ballot

Statement by the Idaho Republican Party

GOP LogoYet again, leftists in the government are directly interfering with the electoral process to obstruct the people’s will. It’s not hard to imagine that this is just the beginning. An unprecedented and alarming scenario in our nation.

This week, Colorado exemplified this trend as Democrat judges independently ruled against including Donald J. Trump on the state’s primary ballot, exposing the potential deep flaws in party nominations being administered by the state. This raises concerns about the reliability of the state’s processes and emphasizes the need for parties to have alternative nomination avenues, like caucuses. Colorado’s recent actions make a compelling case for the necessity of the Idaho Presidential Caucus.

Not too long ago, Colorado resembled Idaho in its conservative majority, but in less than a generation it has shifted towards resembling California and other blue states. Colorado has fallen to the left since the introduction of ranked choice voting in the state.

We firmly reject the corrupt manipulation of government branches. Unlike Colorado, we ensure a fair opportunity for Trump and all qualified Republican candidates to vie for the presidential nomination.

The erosion of average rights for Americans and candidates is evident. The treatment that Donald J. Trump has received by government agencies and branches attempting to remove his right to run for office has been unprecedented, and underscores this concerning trend.

Our governance is rooted in laws shaped by the electoral process and the will of the people, not dictated by judges and three-letter agencies. Democrats are willing to throw the rule of law aside in order to further their quest for power. Anything deviating from the rule of law and principles established in our founding documents is fundamentally wrong and un-American.