Psych goes 1-2-3 in Tuesday’s Trouble bowling

By Dolores Sweet

Regina Colby got high scratch game 164, third high scratch series 423 and third high handicap series 642 as the ladies of Tuesday’s trouble finish 14 weeks of league bowling at Liberty Lanes. Elaine Wheeler got second high scratch game 161 and high scratch series 450. Marie Sumpter got third high scratch game 156 and high handicap game 250.

Kathy Konek got second high scratch series 434 and second high handicap series 653, Gerry Ann Howlett got second high handicap game 247 and high handicap series 648. Tamie Patzer got third high handicap game 243.

Psych; Marie, Michelle Sweet and Denise Crichton, took high scratch game 374, second high scratch series 1,015 and third high handicap game 628. Rawhide; Elaine, Carolyn McNeill and Dolores Sweet, got second high scratch game 371, high scratch series 1,079 and third high handicap series 1,805. Yellowstone; Fran Musak, Kathy Scott and DaVonna Cada, got third high scratch game 367, high handicap game 655 and high handicap series 854.

Gunsmoke; Gerry Ann, Donna Lunsford and Jeanne Osborn, got third high scratch series 994. Monk; Regina, Tamie Patzer and Bonnie Grove, took second high handicap game 633 and second high handicap series 1,837.

Gerry Ann, Kathy Konek and Tamie Patzer each bowled doubles and converting splits were Donna Lunsford, 5-6, Regina and DaVonna, 3-10, Kathy Scott, 2-7, Dolores, 4-5-7, Bonnie Grove, 3-5-7, and Kathy Konek, 5-6-10.

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