What a travesty

By Rob and Clarice McKenney
Bonners Ferry

We have been shocked to learn something from listening to former US prosecutors and other well-versed legal professionals It appears that if Donald Trump is convicted of the crimes of which he is charged and even in jail, there is nothing in our legal system preventing him from running for election and, if he should win, from holding office from jail.

What a travesty that is!

Former felons who have served out their time are, in many states, not even allowed to vote.

What insanity!

We both think that if a former felon can’t even vote, a convicted felon who is or was president should not even be able to vote, let alone be on a
ballot running for any office.

If a Democrat is elected again to the presidency and that party has control of the Senate and House of Representatives, their first objective should be to pass laws to insure that every citizen receives the same treatment under the laws of this nation.

This year in Congress has shown that the Republicans in charge will not fix our weak system. It has worked to their advantage under Trump’s influence, which is why they will not purge him from their party.