County P&Z to meet January 25

Notice is hereby given that public hearings pursuant to Idaho Code and Boundary County code have been set for the Boundary County Planning & Zoning Commission on January 25, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. at the Boundary County Annex at 6566 Main St., Bonners Ferry, ID to consider the following:

FILE 24-0029, COMPREHENSIVE PLAN MAP AMENDMENT & ZONE CHANGE: SATER LLC is requesting approval for comprehensive plan and zone change map amendments from Suburban to Rural Community/Commercial for a 1.77-acre portion of a 5.33-acre split-zoned parcel. The parcel is located at 367220 Highway 2 and is identified as Assessor’s Parcel RP62N02E172710A in Section 17, Township 62 North, Range 2 East, B.M.

The Rural Community/Commercial zone requires a minimum site area of ¼-acre to 2 ½+ acres depending on community water and sewer availability and allows for single-family, duplex and multi-family housing as well as a variety of light to high-occupancy class uses.

FILE 23-0180, LAND USE CODE TEXT AMENDMENT: BOUNDARY COUNTY has initiated an amendment to its subdivision and zoning codes to repeal current Section 4 “Enforcement” of the Boundary County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance and adopt a new enforcement section establishing procedures, remedies, and penalties for addressing land use code violations. The proposed amendment would define violations and declare them to be a misdemeanor, set a process to review zoning complaints, seek compliance, and authorize various remedies to abate violations.

Written comment for these files may be submitted to the Planning Office at PO Box 419, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 no later than 5:00 P.M. January 17, 2024. Anyone wishing to speak during the public portion of the hearing may do so in compliance with the public hearing procedures. The complete files are available for view on the Boundary County Planning and Zoning website at www.boundary or by appointment at the Planning Office by contacting the planners (208) 265-4629 and selecting the planning extension.

Anyone requiring special accommodations due to disability should contact the Commissioners’ office at least two days prior to the meeting at (208) 267-7723.

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