Idaho must stand for righteousness

The State of Idaho, through her properly elected representatives, has enacted laws of late to ensure the recording of accurate vital statistics on official state documents, to limit participation in scholastic women’s sports to those certified as women at the time of their birth, to limit bathroom and locker room access to those of the same sex and to outlaw sex altering surgeries on children. Federal Courts, citing “constitutional rights,” have in each case issued stays to temporarily block the expressed will of the people of this state.

Additionally, the U.S. court permanently ordered Idaho to issue birth certificates to “transpersons” as original unaltered source documents.

Imperial facts, truth and all of human history is cast in the gutter by these federal judges. Whatever their transgenders’ et al Pandora’s box has lined up next, their end game is destined to channel its rage and revenge against the naturalized heterosexual order, against traditional family values and against the hegemonic oppression of nature itself.

No civilization has or will survive debasing the foundations of society. No record exists that even Sodom reached these depths of depravity yet were totally consumed.

Federal judges responsible for blocking Idaho law are Candy Dale (birth certificates), David C. Nye (women’s sports), Lynn Windmill (sex altering surgery) and W. Fletcher and Bennett. (9th Circuit: bathroom and locker rooms)

We should support Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador as he petitions the courts to fight these unjust rulings. Further, we should turn from our corrupt ways, petition our Creator to heal our land and cause these judges to change their ways; or may their days be few and others take their place who will rule justly in the fear of God.

Steve Tanner
Bonners Ferry