An open letter to ITD on Three Mile traffic

Dear ITD

I am writing to urgently address the safety concerns in the 3mile area where the current speed limit stands at 55 miles per hour. The Three Mile area is characterized by congestion, a lack of turning lanes and no frontage roads, making navigation challenging for drivers. Additionally, the area is poorly lit, lacking adequate street lights. This combination of factors poses significant risks to drivers and pedestrians alike, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

To mitigate these dangers, I kindly request a reduction in the speed limit from 55 to 45 miles per hour in addition to an improvement in street lighting in the area. The absence of proper illumination, along with the absence of turning lanes and frontage roads, exacerbates the challenges faced by road users.

Furthermore, considering the traffic flow coming off the highway, a reduced speed limit would facilitate a smoother transition and enhance overall safety for drivers entering the Three Mile area.

Implementing these changes would provide drivers with more reaction time, especially in congested and poorly lit conditions, and enhance safety for all road users. Additionally, improved lighting and a reduced speed limit would contribute significantly to visibility and traffic flow, reducing the potential for accidents.

I am confident that your attention to these matters will not only enhance safety in our community but also contribute to a more efficient and secure road environment. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to a positive response.

Shelly Kramer
Bonners Ferry