Bonners Ferry City Council minutes, January 11

January 11, 2024
12:00 pm

Mayor Alonzo called the Special Council Meeting to order at 12:01pm. Council members present were Ron Smith, Brion Poston and Adam Arthur joined by Zoom. Staff members present were City Engineer Mike Klaus, City Clerk/Treasurer Deborah Garcia. No Public were present.


1. CITY (action item) [attachment]- Consider approval of support letters for SPOT Grant Funding. Mayor Alonzo asked if the council had read the letters, and all said yes.
Ron Smith made the motion to approve the letters of support for the SPOT bus and Authorize the Mayor to sign them and Staff to send them. Brion Poston seconded the motion.

Result: Approved
Moved by: Ron Smith
Seconded by Brion Poston
Voted Yes Adam Arthur, Ron Smith, Brion Poston
Voted No





Mayor Alonzo adjourned the meeting at 12:02 pm.