Things to think about in a cold snap

By Nancy Gerth

I am renting this winter in Sandpoint— too hard for me out on the mountain. My pipes froze in the rental. Sandpoint to the rescue! A plumber, an electrician, a telephone system, roads, clean water (hot and cold) … these are all basic services that could not exist without local, state and federal government. For more than 20 years I have lived remotely, relying on government help: fire, roads, library, plumbers and electricians — licensed by the government.

Gasoline and the internet, giving me access far beyond our tiny community. Plowing the roads! Government-provided communication infrastructure means we have KRFY.

I rarely ask community members whether they carry guns or have had an abortion. Whether they send their children to public or private schools, homeschool, or take them to the library. I do not ask what their political opinions are. Community is more important than that.

All of these necessary things are impossible without people willing to serve as city council members, county commissioners, mayors, representatives, senators, governors. They must figure out how much government we need and how much is too much.

So much depends on those who oversee our transportation, waste, energy systems and water, a hospital and a library. Those who are trying to figure out how to stop the forest fires. And are putting them out.

We can’t thank you enough!

Next time the cold snaps, think about voting for people who support these government functions. The ones who make our community possible.