Bonners Ferry Gun Club league updates

By Kristie Campbell
Club Secretary

Kristie Campbell

Bonners Ferry Gun Club
(l-r) Weekly A and B Class winners Melanie Campbell and Dean Nelson and Coach Ron Campbell.

Week two of the Spokesman Review shoot was also the first week of the 10-week Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association leagues and our local Bonners Ferry Gun Club (BFGC) leagues. The Camas takes the number of participants into account, so BFGC only gets to submit their top three scores.

In the local leagues, shooters compete for the best score out of 50 birds. The first 25 are shot from the 16-yard line and the second 25 are shot from a handicap position. The handicap is determined by a score shot on the singles line plus two. Shooters must then stand at that yardage on the trap field for the best overall score of 50 birds.

Temperatures were bitter cold, plunging into the negatives before the windchill. Many shooters held fast and came out to compete regardless. Scores were affected by the frigid temperatures. BFGC submitted the following scores: S-R Division III 168-200, and the Camas score was 64-75. DCB scores were 144-200 in the S-R and 54-75 in the Camas. Locally, Jerry Schilling won Class A with a score of 39-50. Dean Nelson won Class B with a score of 29-50.

The weekly scoresheet for January 14: Bill Bustillos 39, Kristie Campbell 36, Melanie Campbell 37, Ron Campbell 35, Michael Compton 19, Gene Frederickson 21, Dean Nelson 29, Jerry Schilling 39, Amanda Myers 29, Mike Pruitt 24. For the DCB, Joe Campbell 27, Trenton Myers 37, Kelsey Noble 21, and Garrick Patty 39.

The women’s team took a hit as there weren’t enough participants to submit a full score,1 knocking them out of the running for the S-R shoot, and the Claybusters started the Camas in 10th place with a 54-75.

The week of January 21, the weather returned to tolerable temperatures for winter shooting and more participants came out to enjoy the sport. The scores for Division III were 257-300 for the S-R and 68-75 for the Camas. The DCB overall score for the S-R was 225-300 and in the Camas, they scored 62-75. Melanie Campbell won Class A and Dean Nelson took B Class for a second time.

Weekly scoresheet: Bill Bustillos 39, Kristie Campbell 39, Melanie Campbell 40, Ron Campbell 38, Gene Frederickson 23, Amanda Myers 37, Dean Nelson 33, Mike Pruitt 20, Charley Runnion 28, Jerry Schilling 34, and Dennis Smith 33. For the DCB, Charlotte Holman 22, Linus Holman 34, Sebastian Holman 31, Trenton Myers 36, Cora Nichols 35, Noah Nichols 31, Kelsey Noble 23, and Garrick Patty 40.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club winter hours are Saturday at 10 am for youth and any shooter after youth leagues, and Sunday at 10 am. Feel free to come on out and shoot with us, and don’t forget, shoot straight and keep your powder dry!