Tuesday’s Trouble bowl hot coming off snow day

By Dolores Sweet

Tuesday’s Trouble took a snow day January 8, and Kathy Konek came back to take high scratch game, 160, and third high scratch series 401 in week 18 of women’s league bowling at Liberty Lanes in Bonners Ferry. Zetta Graupner took second high scratch game 156 and high handicap game 250 and Jeanne Osborn got third high scratch game 156, second high scratch series 423 and third high handicap game 233.

Denise Crichton took high scratch series, 429, and second high handicap series 661, Evelyn Smith got second high handicap game 239 and third high handicap series 657 and Fran Musak got high handicap series, 665.

Friends; Zetta, Kathy and Donna Nystrom, got high scratch game 380 and third high scratch series, 1,062. Psych; Denise, Marie Sumpter and Michelle Sweet, took second high scratch game 374 and second high scratch series 1,066.

Gunsmoke; Jeannne, Gerry Ann Howlett and Donna Lunsford, bowled third high scratch game 367, high scratch series 1,073, second high handicap game 632 and high handicap series, 1,868, Monk; Evelyn, Bonnie Grove and Regina Colby, got high handicap game, 636, and second high handicap series 1,837, and Yellowstone; Fran Musak, Kathy Scott and DaVonna Cada, got third high handicap game 627, and third high handicap series, 1,817.

Jeanne Osborn got a turkey and Zetta Graupner got a double. Denise Crichton and Jeanne Osborn both converted the 3-10 split.