Freedom Caucus says America being invaded

Idaho Freedom Caucus
Idaho legislators and Idaho Freedom Caucus members (back row, l-r) Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld–District 24; Rep. Tony Wisniewski–District 5; Rep. Joe Alfieri–District 4; Rep. Mike Kingsley–District 7; Rep. Dale Hawkins–District 2; Sen. Scott Herndon–District 1. (Front Row, l-r) Rep. Jacyn Gallagher-District 9; Rep. Heather Scott (Co-Chair)–District 2; Rep. Elaine Price–District 4; Sen. Tammy Nichols (Co-Chair)–District 10; Sen. Brian Lenney–District 13; Sen. Cindy Carlson–District 7.

From the Idaho Freedom Caucus

America is being invaded. Since Joe Biden took office, millions of illegal migrants have crossed our southern border. This invasion is bringing crime and gang violence to Idaho and has created a pathway for deadly drugs like fentanyl to our streets. Rather than fulfilling its constitutional duty to protect states from invasion, the federal government is facilitating one.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing something about it. He has made it clear the state of Texas has the right, both under its constitution and the US Constitution, to take action to protect its border with Mexico. Abbott declared an invasion, arguing that Texas can and will defend itself against illegal immigration, and this is more important than any federal laws that might conflict.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus is paying close attention. Earlier this week, during a committee hearing on a bill to deal with the fentanyl crisis, Rep. Jacyn Gallagher, District 9, shared an ominous warning: “We need to be careful of any legislation that … invites more people to come across the border [illegally].”

State sovereignty is the bedrock of our nation, not a thing of the past. States are not subservient to an all-powerful federal government. They have the authority to resist a corrupt and uncontrollable federal bureaucracy that attacks its own citizens.

We respectfully urge Governor Little and the Legislature to take action to support Governor Abbott and the good people of Texas. Governor Abbott is doing what is necessary to protect America from this unprecedented foreign invasion.

In the face of this ongoing crisis, we must stand united in defense of our nation’s borders. Governor Abbott’s actions in Texas serve as a strong example of asserting state sovereignty to protect citizens. The Idaho Freedom Caucus will remain vigilant and support those taking action to secure our borders and preserve our safety and sovereignty.

Publisher’s Aside: As usual, the Idaho Freedom Caucus, along with the many other radical right glee clubs to misuse the word “freedom,” is actively participating in the propaganda wing of this new conservative caricature of the Republican party, shrilly blowing the alarm whistle on a crisis largely manufactured by former president Donald Trump, touting silly solutions as brilliant and actively blocking any effort at a real solution lest they lose a very effective tool for keeping their base angry and donating.

President Trump’s vaunted wall, the highly publicized transports of immigrants to posh liberal strongholds by Florida governor Ron DeSantis nor the potentially deadly showboat obstacles Texas governor Greg Abbott throws into the Rio Grande with such fanfare are effective solutions to this nation’s immigration woes.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying there are no immigration problems, there are. What I am saying is that the problems didn’t rise to dire prominence until Trump latched onto them, raising the specter of rabid hordes of brown people surging across the southern border to take our jobs, rape our women, sell us their drugs, cancel our culture and bring voters to bolster the liberals.

Pretty smart tactic, too, showing just how well the string-pullers know those whose strings they pull. Somehow, I don’t think many would be standing back or standing by had Trump targeted white illegal immigrants.

And then there’s the conservative tactic of deflection, of wrongly blaming others for your own guilt, and it’s a tactic, unfortunately, that works all too well among the susceptible who prefer to believe when what they hear matches what they want to hear, saving them the tough chore of thinking for themselves.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, the Biden administration has taken 535 immigration actions in its first three years, more than the 472 immigration-related executive actions undertaken in all four years of President Donald Trump’s term.

“Partly as result of these efforts, legal immigration is returning to and in some cases surpassing pre-pandemic levels, including refugee admissions on pace to reach the highs of the 1990s; a new border process seeking to discourage irregular arrivals has been adopted; temporary humanitarian protections have been extended to hundreds of thousands of migrants; and enforcement priorities have been focused on narrower categories of unauthorized immigrants,” they write. “Combined, these changes have fulfilled some of President Joe Biden’s campaign promises, helped bolster the U.S. economy, and reduced fears of seemingly arbitrary enforcement against removable noncitizens. Yet the border crisis confronting the Biden administration has left the most activist presidency yet on immigration accused of inaction by critics—to the extent that the House of Representatives this month launched impeachment proceedings against the administration’s Homeland Security secretary.

“The speeded pace of executive actions taken by the current and last administration is, in part, a response to continued inaction in Congress, which has not passed a major immigration overhaul in nearly three decades.”

In the 1960s, U.S. legislators adopted a set of comprehensive immigration reform measures designed to curb illegal immigration from Europe, and those measures are, for the most part, still working well. It can be done, provided everyone involved wants it done.

“Significant divides remain between Democrats and Republicans about United States immigration policy priorities, but significant divides also exist between two types of Republicans: Those more loyal to the party and those more loyal to former President Donald Trump,” Mark Wingfield wrote in Baptist News Global on May 28, 2021.”There are a few areas where Democrats and party-loyal Republicans could find agreement, the data show, if both sides are willing to work together. However, the new poll also found that Democrats are more likely to be willing to compromise to get immigration reform passed than are Republicans. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said publicly that he is ‘100% focused’ on stopping the entire legislative agenda of President Joe Biden, a pledge similar to one he made when attempting to block then-President Barack Obama from any legislative success. Congress seldom votes along the lines of majority public opinion, however, falling into ideologies favorable to each elected official’s base of voters. And currently, Republicans in both the House and Senate tend to skew more toward supporting Trump rather than the party apart from Trump.”

And to make it even scarier, they toss in the scourge of fentanyl, which is truly terrible, but it’s not the illegal immigrants responsible for bringing it in, and those who are bringing it in aren’t swimming it across the Rio Grande to get it here.

And this just in …

Governor Little, Republican governors band together, issue joint statement supporting Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense

Governor Brad Little and 24 other Republican governors released the following joint statement in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense.

The statement comes as the Biden Administration continues to attack Texas and refuses to take action or responsibility for the crisis at the southern border.

“President Biden and his Administration have left Americans and our country completely vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration pouring across the Southern border. Instead of upholding the rule of law and securing the border, the Biden Administration has attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.

“We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border. We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.

“The authors of the U.S. Constitution made clear that in times like this, states have a right of self-defense, under Article 4, Section 4 and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Because the Biden Administration has abdicated its constitutional compact duties to the states, Texas has every legal justification to protect the sovereignty of our states and our nation.”

Signatories include: Governor Kay Ivey (AL), Governor Mike Dunleavy (AK), Governor Sarah Sanders (AR), Governor Ron DeSantis (FL), Governor Brian Kemp (GA), Governor Brad Little (ID), Governor Eric Holcomb (IN), Governor Kim Reynolds (IA), Governor Jeff Landry (LA), Governor Tate Reeves (MS), Governor Mike Parson (MO), Governor Greg Gianforte (MT), Governor Jim Pillen (NE), Governor Joe Lombardo (NV), Governor Chris Sununu (NH), Governor Doug Burgum (ND), Governor Mike DeWine (OH), Governor Kevin Stitt (OK), Governor Henry McMaster (SC), Governor Kristi Noem (SD), Governor Bill Lee (TN), Governor Spencer Cox (UT), Governor Glenn Youngkin (VA), Governor Jim Justice (WV), and Governor Mark Gordon (WY)

My goodness. Will the stupid ever cease?

Mike Weland