Evelyn Smith has the touch in week 20

By Dolores Sweet

Evelyn Smith got high scratch game 163, high handicap game 258 and tied for third high handicap series 630 to come out on top in week 20 of Tuesday’s Trouble women’s league bowling at Liberty Lanes. Donna Kent got second high scratch game 160, second high scratch series 411, second high handicap game 233 and tied for third high handicap series 630. Regina Colby got third high scratch game 156 and third high scratch series 395.

Jeanne Osborn got high scratch series 424 and high handicap series 652. Dolores Sweet got third high handicap game 230 and second high handicap series 641.

Monk; Evelyn, Regina and Bonnie Grove, got high scratch game 399, third high scratch series 1,007 and high handicap game 673. Gunsmoke; Jeanne, GerryAnn Howlett and Donna Lunsford, got second high scratch game 388, second high scratch series 1,067, second high handicap game 652 and high handicap series 1,859.

Rawhide; Carolyn McNiell, Donna Kent and Dolores Sweet, got third high scratch game 386, high scratch series 1,079, third high handicap game 642 and third high handicap series 1,847. Yellowstone; Fran Musak, Kathy Scott and DaVonna Cada, got second high handicap series 1,848.
Doubles were Bowled by Carolyn and Regina bowled doubles and Fran Musak took out a 3-10 split, Regia got the 7-8 and Jeanne Osborn picked up the 5-7 and the 4-5.