Gotta love New-Idaho-Some.

By Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs

Almost 20 days at their seats as overlords of the minions, the Idaho elected elite are busy taking away what you love(d) about the state one rule at a time. Taking away local control of your library. Taking away local control of your schools. Anyone with a gun can be an armed guard…trained resource officers no longer.

Taking more of your money so parents cans spend it at any school they choose. You are now funding multiple school “districts.”

Taking away your right to health care as you see fit.

Taking away your right to parent your child as you see fit.

Taking away medical coverage from a miniscule number of residents. The expansion we voted for and federal dollars pay for.

Taking away your choice for ambulance service. Going to be mandated from Boise…state will take your money, county will take your money, city will take your money so every corner of the state will have a 24/7 mobile Mayo Clinic minutes away. Nothing like triple pay to make sure you are “safe.” Especially for outa state outa bounders.

Good luck finding anything to lower property tax. i.e., raise the homeowner exemption. The overlords need that money to keep you in the Cali-tude.

Idaho elite now vote party not people. Local used to matter. Now it is the “trickle down” from Boise.

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