Thank goodness Woodward isn’t an IFF lackey

Clarice McKenneyAs a constituent of former Idaho Senator Jim Woodward, I agree with only one thing that I read in Ms. or Mr. Fay Almond’s letter in the Bonners Ferry Herald this week. Scott Herndon definitely stands for the so-called Idaho Freedom Foundation lobby’s principles. In doing so, he is working only for that special interest organization.

I do not understand why more good, solid Republicans do not turn their backs on the IFF and people like Scott Herndon, who do IFF’s bidding.

On the other hand, I was very happy to read that Jim Woodward received an F from IFF for his voting record. That’s another badge of honor.

As his constituent, I appreciated that Jim Woodward was not in the pocket of special interests. He certainly did his part to help Idaho citizens get ahead and would have done even more, had it not been for IFF’s attacks against him.

I’m glad Jim Woodward is strong and willing to run again, and I’m hoping voters won’t be swayed by IFF propaganda.

Clarice McKenney
Bonners Ferry