Gunsmoke fired up in week 26

By Dolores Sweet

Jeanne Osborn got high scratch game 159 and second high handicap game 234 in week 26 of Tuesday’s Trouble Women’s League Bowling to help lead Gunsmoke to the team win. Carolyn McNeill got second high scatch game 151, Denise Crichton tied for third high scratch game, 148 and got third high scratch series 390. Regina Colby got high scratch series 420 and third high handicap series 636.

Elaine Wheeler tied for third high scratch game 148, Kathy Scott got second high scratch series 414, high handicap game 239 and high handicap series 690. Evelyn Smith tied for third high handicap game 233 and Bonnie Grove tied for third high handicap game 233 and got second high handicap series 642.

Gunsmoke; Jeanne, GerryAnn Howlett and Donna Lunsford, got high scratch game 394, high scratch series 1,079, second high handicap game 658 and second high handicap series 1,871. Monk; Evelyn, Bonnie and Regina, got second high scratch game 393, second high scratch series 1,057, high handicap game 668 and high handicap series 1,882.
Friends; Elaine, Donna Nystrom and Kathy Konek, got third high scratch game 386 and third high scratch series 1,053, and Yellowstone; Fran Musak, Kathy Scott and DaVonna Cada, got third high handicap game 644 and third high handicap series 1,856.

Doubles were bowled by Regina, Michelle Sweet and Fran each bowled doubles and Kathy Scott got three. Denise picked up the 2-7 split, Carolyn the 3-10 and Elaine the 4-5-7.