NI GOP — Who are we as a party?

From North Idaho Republicans

As President’s Day weekend approaches in North Idaho, Republicans reflect on the enduring principles embodied by President Abraham Lincoln, a guiding light for Republicans since he is the very founder of our party. With Republican Lincoln Day Dinner activities in full swing across our state, this is a time for reflection for all Republicans: Who are we as a party?

Embracing Lincoln’s belief that “every man can make himself,” North Idaho Republicans (NIR) passionately endorse the power of self-determination, a fundamental cornerstone of Republican ideals. We stand opposed to the liberal agenda brought to us by D.C. Democrats. But there’s more to us than that.

NIR champions the notion that individuals can better themselves through personal effort and responsibility. We believe government assistance should resemble a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out.’ Our preference for local control versus government overreach reflects our commitment to personal determination and self-sufficiency.

The Republican Platform states, “Education is more than schooling.” NIR agrees and views schools and libraries as crucial components to a thriving community. We support educational freedom with the belief families can and should chart their own course that works alongside their values. We want more freedom in education, not less. We want the public school system to constantly strive for improvement. NIR isn’t shy about supporting local levies when it’s fiscally responsible and prudent. Our public schools and libraries are beneficial investments for an engaged citizenry and qualified workforce.

NIR values individual rights, and stands proudly with the Blue, viewing law enforcement as ‘frontline essential’ in safeguarding these liberties. Local police officers protect our families from criminal activities that threaten our individual freedoms. A community that isn’t distracted by excessive crime or needless heartbreak, as seen in Kootenai County’s fentanyl crisis, is a safer community for all.

NIR proudly supports our military and local veterans, recognizing their selfless service and commitment to our personal freedom. Aligned with Republican values, we seek to ensure veterans receive the respect and resources they deserve. We want seamless reintegration into civilian life in Kootenai County for veterans. NIR believes North Idaho College and private local veteran groups, such as the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), are vital to our area. These resources go a long way to provide every veteran with an opportunity to ‘make themselves,’ as Lincoln epitomized so well.

The strength of North Idaho Republicans lies in our adaptability and commitment to thoughtful discourse. NIR fosters an environment that welcomes a spectrum of conservative ideas, so every Republican can also ‘make themselves’ within our Party. This approach stands in stark contrast to the smearing and purging of lifelong Republicans by current party leadership.

NIR’s commitment to civility, transparency, and traditional Republican values serves as a roadmap for navigating the challenges we face in the region and our country. Lincoln’s legacy is not just a historical reflection; it’s a reaffirmation of principles that resonate with most of us in Idaho.

The spirit of Lincoln lives on through North Idaho Republicans, with nearly 30 formerly elected local Republican leaders and hundreds of conservative community members within our ranks. NIR is committed to good and honest governance, and the bedrock traditional Republican principles of smaller, less intrusive government, fiscal prudence, and personal responsibility.

In this era of crossroads, where the definition of Republicanism is being tested, North Idaho Republicans stand firm in their unwavering dedication to the essence of traditional Republican values. Abraham Lincoln (and Ronald Reagan) would be proud.