Foresight of former legislators paying off now

Eric L.’s letter in the Herald, and those like him, are the reason Idaho’s state budget has skyrocketed. The hoards of out-of-state refugees have created a strain on resources, services and infrastructure. Our per-capita growth rate is amongst the highest in the nation. Adjusting the outlays to accommodate the level of services we have enjoyed can be difficult when growth is logarithmic.

Fortunately, the foresight of former-Senator(s) Shawn Keough and Jim Woodward is still paying off in terms of infrastructural improvements. It takes years, many years, to get advance funding in the pipeline for large highway projects and schools. Our previous state senators were prime movers ensuring that north Idaho was adequately funded through their actions within the Transportation and Education Committee(s).

Our previous state senators did not build their houses from timber stolen from private forest land. They did not pontificate over frivolous issues which end with no result or benefit. No, they kept their heads down, spirits up, and delivered substance for the district.

We should vote to return Jim Woodward to the State Senate.

Eric, I hope you enjoyed spending your months of paid administrative leave from the Boundary County Library. The taxpayers saw no such enjoyment. You should think as fast as you talk.

Gerald B. Higgs
Bonners Ferry