Remember May matters

Maybe you’ve already seen the May Matters signs around the area? What the signs say is true, especially now. This May does matter. May 21 is the date for the Idaho Primary election when all 105 State Legislative positions will be decided.

Jim Woodward is one of the candidates running for the State Senate from District 1, and hopes to win your vote on May 21. Jim is a lifelong citizen of Bonner and Boundary counties, a Navy veteran, and local business owner.

Jim is a common sense conservative, not an ideologue. He already demonstrated that during his last stint in the Idaho Senate from 2018-2022, working with a variety of folks to get things done for residents here in District 1.

One of Jim’s top priorities is education. He believes the more “tools” at your disposal the more you can do for yourself and others. That includes support for the governor’s Launch Program which has already helped thousands of young Idahoans “jump start” their chosen careers. On the other hand, Jim’s opponent in the primary is a staunch opponent of Launch and its potential.

If you are unaffiliated change your affiliation to Republican today to be able to vote and make a difference. Don’t wait! If you already are a registered Republican you know what to do. Vote for Jim Woodward May 21. Thank you. Remember May Matters!

Robin Lundgren
Bonners Ferry

One thought on “Remember May matters

  1. Robin is correct about the importance of the primary election. Because Democrats rarely win we must vote for good Republicans in May. Jim Woodward and Mark Sauter are both excellent candidates. If we are to stop the extremists that are taking over Idaho, sensible citizens can help to achieve that goal by voting in the primary.

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