Democrats name state caucus sites

Idaho votes logoThe Idaho Democratic Party announced locations for the 2024 Idaho Democratic Presidential Caucus. In Boundary County, the caucus will be held at the Boundary County Fairgrounds, 6567 Recreation Park Road, Bonners Ferry. The current list of county caucus locations is available here.

“When it comes to nominating our nation’s presidents, Idahoans want and deserve a voice. Idaho Democrats sought every opportunity to keep our presidential primary election,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea. “After Republican party bosses blocked legislation to restore our election and forced us into a caucus, Idaho Democrats got to work to make this process as smooth as possible. When voters participate in our caucus, they won’t have to listen to any presentations or be locked out if they don’t show up right when voting starts. We are making our caucus function as closely to Election Day voting as possible.”

Democrats from every corner of the state will cast ballots for their presidential preference and elect delegates to the state convention at their county caucus on Thursday, May 23. Polls will be open from 5 to 8 p.m. local time.

The Idaho Democratic Party has ensured that Idahoans, including U.S. military members serving away from home, can participate in the caucus process. Absentee ballots are available to voters who cannot participate in person due to military service, disability or illness, work, childcare obligations, school, inability to travel, or other reasons.

Democrats can request an absentee ballot at The last day to submit a request is Friday, May 16.

Results from the caucus will be released after polls close on Thursday, May 23.