Week 9 on the gun range

Ron and Kristie Campbell
Ron and Kristie Campbell

Bonners Ferry Gun Club week 9 league scores

Ron Campbell won the A Class this week with a score of 43/50, and Kristie Campbell won the B Class with 32/50.

Individual Scores:

A Class:
Ron Campbell 43/50
Bill Bustillos 39/50
Charley Runnion 35/50
Mike Pruitt 35/50
Melanie Campbell 35/50

B Class
Kristie Campbell 32/50
Dean Nelson 32/50
Micheal Compton 30/50
Amanda Myers 27/50
Gene Frederickson 26/50
Jerry Schilling Did not shoot
Dennis Smith Did not shoot

Claybusters league scores week 9

Garrick Patty shot the high score this week with 39/50.

Congratulations Garrick!

Individual scores:

Garrick Patty. 39/50
Trenton Myers. 37/50
Joe Campbell. 37/50
Linus Holman. 36/50
Sebastian Holman. 29/50
Kelsey Noble. 24/50
Charlotte Holman. 17/50
Colton Carpenter 17/50
Cora Nichols. Did not shoot
Noah Nichols. Did not shoot

Keep up the good shooting!