Beware ‘policeman’s ball’ scammers

Scam AlertIt’s spring and time once again for the flood of phone solicitations for the policeman’s ball, the funds for the families of the fallen and many more, and while there are legitimate organizations conducting fund raisers for various law enforcement agencies and causes, there are many whose sole purpose is to get your money into their pocket. And for good reason. Who harder to say “no” to than a cop?
“I had the right to remain silent,” says notorious comedian Ron “Tater Salad” White. “What I didn’t have was the ability.”

The Idaho Sheriff’s Association is one of the legitimate organizations, and they are raising funds in their annual honorary membership drive March 18, with their fliers set to go in the mail soon. The ISA is one that does not solicit by telephone.

If you receive a call asking donations and want to be sure they’re legitimate, ask for the URL of the organization’s website or ask them to send you information by mail or email. A legitimate organization will be happy to comply. If they insist you give now, hang up; they’re likely trying to scam you.