Bring back Jim, getting tired of craziness in Boise

Politics have never been top on my list of interests, but the numerous bills coming out of Boise do not reflect my rights or values. I never want guns in schools or music festivals. I don’t want armed militias walking the streets. I don’t want my tax dollars going to ludicrous lawsuits.

I believe there is a quality candidate to vote for in the May primary. Jim Woodward already had my vote due to his past record in the senate. Then I got to spend two hours with him at a Meet and Greet. I was so impressed with his gentle yet confident demeanor and common sense. He has the knowledge, experience, and passion to work for North Idaho. He’s deeply committed and he actually listens!

I know it’s convenient to leave politics to others. Writing letters, following bills and meeting our candidates takes time. But we cannot afford to be passive right now in North Idaho. Make plans to get involved. Your vote counts!

Let’s get Jim Woodward back where he belongs: on the ballot. I want someone like Jim representing me. I’m tired of the craziness and scary bills coming out of Boise.

Jane Hoover
Priest River