We are all in this together

Since coming here in 2017, I’ve watched this community come together to accomplish some amazing things. It’s not uncommon to see a mealtrain or “gofundme” set up for a family in need that quickly amasses hundreds or thousands of dollars. During COVID, many restaurants in the area provided school lunches for kids. Time and time again, this community shows up for each other.

No matter your situation, your income, your political party, your gender. This community shows up. And that is what Jim Woodward’s campaign is about. He is showing up to listen and learn from this community. And it’s about time.

It’s been a long two years with a state senator who lies, ignores and discredits so many of his constituents based on their political affiliation, gender, or simply their willingness to disagree. And we all know he wouldn’t dream of stepping foot into the local Sip n’ Bitch. But Jim Woodward would because he is genuinely interested in representing all of his constituents, not just his donors and the IFF.

We’ve got a tremendous opportunity on May 21st to come together to do the right thing. Please join me in voting for Jim Woodward on May 21st.

Leah Opitz