IFF losing hold but Boise wants Herndon

I am encouraged by the letters and opinions concerning the upcoming Idaho elections and the hope Jim Woodword regains office. There are many who blame “newcomers” for his loss. If that is the case, can you blame them? They come from a place where the slickest, slimiest campaign brochures, postcards, soundbites and social media posts win the day.

Moving to Idaho, the ease of voting (soon a thing of the past), the refreshing, actual articles, letters, townhalls, meet and greets must have been a refreshing breath of fresh air. People cared! So, they went out and voted. They voted for the familiar.

For those taking the time to write letters to the editor, branch out and send letters to the multiple printed newspapers we are fortunate to have. CDA Press, Bonner County Daily Bee, Reader, Inlander (copies at Super 1).

Find the boundaries of District 1. I suspect a lot of folks who live in Bonner County were better persuaded by the “slick” flyers, campaign ads, etc. They also are the largest voting block for District 1? If so, those are the people that need to be reached.

Although Idaho Freedom Foundation is quietly, slowly losing the stranglehold it once had, others are quickly filling the void and unfortunately, in my opinion, Boise wants Herndon. What Boise wants; Boise gets. Local no longer matters.

Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs