Thank you for coverage, Steve Berch

As a devoted 9bNews reader, I very much appreciated you publishing Idaho District 15 Representative Steve Berch’s comprehensive summary of bills this session.

Senator Herndon glosses over the mess MAGA Republicans have created this session and in his opinion piece in the Herald, he crows about his state legislative work on behalf of a Congressional bill to enforce Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. I agree with him that it should have been enforced since World War II. Maybe if it had been enforced we would not have lost National Guard soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thanks to Representative Berch and you for publishing, we have a good rundown to refer to before the next legislative session begins. Each of us voters owes it to ourselves and our neighbors to tell legislators how we feel about things like Heather Scott’s cannibalism bill.

I thank God there also were several worthwhile bills in this session, like our Representative Mark Sauter’s House Bill 645. Thanks to supportive legislators, it’s headed to the state House now. If they sign it into law, Sauter’s bill can prevent all local school boards from suffering bad-faith actions like those taken by recalled board members against the West Bonner School District on their way out.

With sincere appreciation to you, Berch and Sauter.

Clarice McKenney
Bonners Ferry