Beware public servants intent on betraying the public trust

By Mike Weland

Mike WelandI would normally not run what you are about to read, but Mark Moseley is an elected public official, serving out his first term as a Republican precinct committeeman and running for a second, and he professes to be a journalist, publishing the online “Boundary.News.” I have never met Moseley, but I’ve had occasion to write about him, always in a less than flattering light. He accuses me of attacking him. I have not.

Until now.

As an elected official, he took an oath to faithfully carry out the duties of his office and to support the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Idaho. By his actions and words, he has not lived up his oath. He is running for reelection. This time he is opposed by a man of integrity and honor, Erik Olson. May the best man win.

I published the editorial, “Christian nationalists pinning hopes to a huckster” on March 14, and soon after received three comment submissions. Three different names, all three critical, all three alluding to my running a business from the taxpayer-supported Restorium. There was a formal complaint made and the new administrator, Jenae, had to look into it. She found, as had Karlene before I moved here, that there was no problem with it.

And then I got hacked, over 100 junk emails flooding my box in a matter of minutes. I had no proof, but I did have suspicion; after running articles on a confrontation he was involved in at the March 2023 Boundary County Republican Central Committee meeting, I’d been similarly hacked.

I read Moseley’s “Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County,” not long after he ran it March 12 and came away with the opinion that his report unfairly impugned some very fine public servants in our community on some very thin evidence, and that it brought undue harm to our local elections process. So I emailed him, telling him I intended to refute his assertions, and asking him to tell me of his experience, education and expertise and to explain how he compiled and analyzed the data. What I got back was more than I’d dared hope.

His response laid the foundation for my opinion piece, “The insidious danger of ‘news’ intended to misinform,” published March 19. As with the article on which my March 14 editorial was based, I am of the opinion that not only is Moseley’s report egregiously wrong, it is also dangerous to a community I hold dear.

One of few paragraphs not included in the March 19 op-ed reads, “One last thing to consider, in the past year or two, you were being badgered online from several individuals on social media and email. For some reason, you assumed those individuals were me. You then took it upon yourself to write several “articles” bashing me. You used your news platform as a weapon to attack me, for no reason. As it turned out, I was not the one who was badgering you. In fact, I was unaware you were being badgered. You see, when you attack the innocent, you bring serious problems upon yourself. I have never done anything to you. ”

Please remember; I had not told him of the three emails or the official complaint of working online from a county-owned assisted facility.

And on March 19, this back-and-forth (my apologies in advance) email exchange began:

“Hello Loser, I knew you were writing a hit piece against me, again. I heard Glenda Poston contacted you and asked you to do it (she didn’t), so you did. Your idiotic line by line comments have zero validity, as usual. You have to piggyback on Boundary.News because people no longer read your worthless publication. You really are a worthless waste of humanity. Additionally, we live in a Republic. You are obviously too stupid to know the definition. On a side note, I see you are running a business out of the Restorium. People need to know about this. Do not email me again. You burned that bridge. You really are an evil little creature. Good luck with that.” — Mark Moseley

“And so much for ‘it was someone else, not me!’ You feckless, cowardly loser. God a’mighty, how people like you can even imagine you’re superior to anything is beyond my ken. Have a good night … and quit trying to show off your hacking skills, if you would. They’re a nuisance.” — Mike Weland

“I have heard these things about you:

  • both of your children committed suicide
  • both of your wives divorced you
  • you were an abusive father
  • you are currently abusing the use of the Restorium by running a business out of your room that is subsidized by taxpayers — Sincerely, Mark Moseley”

“My goodness, Mark! You’re a vindictive little @#!$, ain’t you?! No wonder you still get grade cards marked ‘does not play well with others.” 😂” — Mike Weland

“I just asked some questions. Are they true or not? These are questions that need to be answered. I am going to have to mention them in my next article. Would you like me to dig a little more? I can if you wish.” — Sincerely, Mark Moseley

“Dig all you like, Moseley. Would dearly love to throw a libel suit your way! You have such an amazing propensity to believe bull@$%! Have a fine evening, Mark!” — Mike Weland

“You are the one who started this. Do you really want to continue attacking me? I will win, and you have zero hope of winning against me. Don’t threaten me you evil little pipsqueak. You picked the wrong bull to pull the horns of.” — Sincerely, Mark Moseley

“Bwaahahaha! Bull my ass. Bull flop, maybe! Gad, you’re funny.” Mike Weland

And today he publishes this insipid drivel, “The Mike Weland that you think you know.” (not suitable for children).

I know I should not stoop to their level and that their incessant goading is intended precisely to elicit  just such anger as they prepare on many fronts for the next and much greater insurrection they know is coming.

Moseley exemplifies a faction of recent arrivals in Boundary County who came here to be among “like-minded conservatives.” Just as Moseley has every right to run for office and run an online propaganda store he calls news, they have the right to be here, and I do hope they wake up one day, look around and realize you don’t have to be radical to be a conservative, calling for the overthrow of a government that’s not quite so broken as they are led to believe.

Boundary County has long had a far superior form of conservatism than the form the radicals have taken on in name only. People who, at present, see their mission as pushing out the RINOs and leftist subversives so as to impose their “superior” morals, values and religion on people doing just fine without. To trample this nation’s constitution and the ideal of all people being equal, to an America Made Great Again as defined by a dystopian movement that sees as great some of the worst characteristics this nation struggled mightily to overcome.

They have every right to be here, to say the things they do, to claim for themselves the very same rights they promise to strip away from long-time neighbors they now declare mortal enemies, to run for offices of public trust not to serve the people, but to serve the party they would have rule us.

But we who they have declared their enemies by fiat remain their equals under the constitution, and the right and the obligation to protect and defend the constitution that establishes to us those rights, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, falls to  us. That includes the obligation to identify those in our midst who threaten and would destroy the last best hope of Earth.

I have never met Mark Moseley, but I know him for what he is, what he’s trying to do. And I, for one, will stand against him and those like him for as long as I’m able and as long as the threat persists.