Robert (Bob) Martin

Robert (Bob) MartinRobert (Bob) Martin, 96, Naples, a talented gentleman loved by all, passed away in the presence of his immediate family; Laurel, Crystal, Lyric, Ammie and Johnny. Bob led a very exciting, productive and happy life. There will be a celebration of life service at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 6, at First Baptist Church, 6711 El Paso Street, Bonners Ferry.

Please feel free to share your heart felt experiences with Bob Martin. Bob began a book about his life, but stopped when we came to Idaho. I wish to finish the story for him, so I would greatly appreciate your input.

He loved Jesus with all of his being and made sure that he witnessed in some way to everyone he came in contact with. Bob experienced a rich full life here, but he was ready to move onto his heavenly forever home with Jesus and his friends and family who have already gone.

My name is Laurel Martin, age 74. Bob and I moved here from California and got married 50 years ago on Christmas Eve in Sandpoint, in front of the justice of the peace and our entire family at the time.

We fostered 158 children during our marriage, besides enjoying Bob’s three biological sons from his first marriage of 23 years to Ellen Martin.

Bob is survived by Kenneth Robert Martin 9/11/50, Glenn Robert Martin 6/29/52 (wife Barbara), Gary Robert Martin 5/27/57 and Crystal Amber Martin 3/10/92, as well as Ammie Trine 1/9/82, John Day 4/30/90, Dylan Cox 7/14/91 and Genevieve Madden 4/6/93. Bob also has three grand children; Jeremiah Martin, Misty Dawn Stevens and Lyric Martin, and nine great-grandchildren.