Claybusters take on four-day Camus Prairie shoot

Duke's Claybusters
Left to right: Melanie Campbell, Joe Campbell, Trenton Myers, Garrick Patty, Coach Ron Campbell

By Coach Ron Campbell

Last weekend, three Claybusters and their coaches traveled to Walla Walla, Washington, to shoot in the 70th annual Camas Prairie Handicap Shoot. Two Claybusters, Trenton Myers and Garrick Patty, earned their way by winning the top shooter awards in the 2024 10-week winter league. For Trenton and Garrick, this was the first time attending an event of this size and scale.

The Camas Prairie Handicap is a four-day 900-round trap shooting competition consisting of three rounds of 100 singles targets, four rounds of 100 handicap targets, and two rounds of 100 doubles targets. Over 265 participants took part.

The Claybusters didn’t bring home any trophies this year, but they brought home the grand experience of this competition and made many new friendships.

Despite windy and, at times, rainy weather, the Claybusters met the challenge head-on.

Here are the High Over-All Combined (HOAC) scores for the entire four-day event.

  • Melanie Campbell HOAC = 703/900
  • Trenton Myers HOAC = 694/900
  • Joe Campbell HOAC = 712/900
  • Garrick Patty HOAC = 676/900
  • Ron Campbell HOAC = 750/900

The Claybusters are gearing up for several springtime trap shoots around the Northwest.

Congratulations and great shooting!