Missing teen in custody, owner of stolen Chevy returning keys of another stolen rig

Stolen Chevy3:15 p.m.: The 14-year-old is back in custody, one of two cars he allegedly stole in Bonners Ferry is being towed back home and the keys to a first car he allegedly stole and crashed in the area the seconds was taken from are being returned to their owner. According to a friend of the second victim, the 14-year-old was arrested by police in Polson, Montana, having stopped for gas in Libby.

Surprisingly, the owners of both stolen vehicles are friends, and it’s the owner of the vehicle shown here, who went to Libby to review security camera footage in Libby when she learned of the arrest in Polson, who is bringing the keys home.

9:52 a.m.: No details yet. but the stolen vehicle and the missing teen were both located in Libby this morning … the teen is back in custody.

A Bonners Ferry woman reported her silver, 2002 Chevy Trailblazer stolen from the area of Denver and Monroe in Bonners Ferry sometime before 3 a.m. today when she got up to go to work at Alta. The vehicle, a birthday gift she received last month from a friend to help she and her three children get on their feet, is described as a little banged up, witrh stickers on the back windows of two dogs and a skeleton and a Bonners Ferry sasquatch sticker on the driver side back window.

Her work tools, a suitcase of her families clothes, her drivers license and debit card were in the vehicle when it was stolen and the debit card may have been subsequently used at a gas station in Libby. Police are investigating if the reported theft may involve the teen who escaped a transport vehicle on the North Side late last night awnd is still being sought by laqw enforcement.

The vehicle has Idaho license plate 9B 52122. If seen, please call local law enforcement or the Ferry Police Department, (208) 267-2412.