Herndon campaign relies on misleading … hear the truth

In response to Anne Wilder Chamberlain’s letter published in the Daily Bee on March 26, it is essential to address inaccuracies and share the truth.

Darrell KerbyFirstly, it is crucial to clarify that Jim Woodward did not vote to permit high school boys to compete in girls’ sports. His vote against Bill H500 — a bill that, despite passing, remains unimplemented due to ongoing legal challenges — was not an endorsement of the opposite stance.

Voting against one bill does not equate to supporting its antithesis. Laws carry significant weight; hence, precision in their drafting is non-negotiable.

Furthermore, Anne’s claim that Jim opposed a bill mandating parental opt-in for sex education misrepresents the situation. The bill in question mandated instruction on human sexuality, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Jim’s vote was in defense of existing Idaho law, which entrusts the primary responsibility for family life and sex education to homes and churches, with schools playing a supportive role (Idaho Code 33-1608).

The third misconception propagated by Anne is Jim’s alleged support for “Common Core” standards. In reality, the state’s investment of over $2.5 billion in public education necessitates clear directives on educational content. Jim dedicated two years to collaborating with parents, educators, and legislators to craft the Idaho Content Standards. These standards outline specific educational requirements, such as math for third grade and English for seventh grade. After extensive work with a diverse group of Idahoans, Jim voted to implement these standards, ensuring accountability and safeguarding our educational investment.

The Herndon campaign’s strategy appears to rely on misleading narratives. However, facts are paramount. As voters prepare for the Republican primary on May 21, being well-informed is imperative.

Darrell Kerby
Bonners Ferry